Founded in Denmark in 1987, Tefcold is a global manufacturing brand that sells top quality refrigeration equipment to companies right around the world. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, its team of experts have created some of the finest products around for thirty years, and we are proud to partner with them.

We carry many of the most popular Tefcold refrigeration and professional catering products, including an impressive collection of display fridges such as multideck chillers and cake display fridges. We also stock Tefcold commercial fridges, bottle coolers, wine fridges, chest freezers and more. Here you’ll find our full range below - Tefcold refrigerators are some of our best-selling cabinets, and at Fridgesmart you’ll find everything you need at a competitive price.

The best range of Tefcold products to suit your business

The Tefcold refrigeration business has grown significantly since its early days, and it’s now one of the largest and most well-respected suppliers in the world. Tefcold was originally founded to create high quality solutions for the needs of the commercial refrigeration industry. Our high quality customer service matches this ambition, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible service.

Tefcold Callisto CD140 Tefcold Callisto CD140 £5805.12+VAT£6966.14inc VAT Mercatus ME2329F Mercatus ME2329F £5759.84+VAT£6911.81inc VAT Mercatus ME2923F Mercatus ME2923F £5741.60+VAT£6889.92inc VAT Mercatus ME2329C Mercatus ME2329C £5340.17+VAT£6408.20inc VAT Mercatus ME2029F Mercatus ME2029F £5338.14+VAT£6405.77inc VAT Mercatus ME2923C Mercatus ME2923C £5321.92+VAT£6386.30inc VAT Mercatus ME1729F Mercatus ME1729F £5187.44+VAT£6224.93inc VAT Mercatus ME2323F Mercatus ME2323F £5138.11+VAT£6165.73inc VAT Tefcold Callisto FH Range Tefcold Callisto FH Range from £5059.71+VAT£6071.65inc VAT Mercatus ME2029C Mercatus ME2029C £4918.47+VAT£5902.16inc VAT Mercatus ME1729C Mercatus ME1729C £4614.36+VAT£5537.23inc VAT Mercatus ME2323C Mercatus ME2323C £4565.03+VAT£5478.04inc VAT Tefcold Callisto CW125 Tefcold Callisto CW125 £4475.82+VAT£5370.98inc VAT Mercatus ME1723F Mercatus ME1723F £4405.54+VAT£5286.65inc VAT Mercatus ME2317F Mercatus ME2317F £4391.35+VAT£5269.62inc VAT Mercatus ME2020F Mercatus ME2020F £4339.99+VAT£5207.99inc VAT Mercatus ME2314F Mercatus ME2314F £4181.85+VAT£5018.22inc VAT Mercatus ME1720F Mercatus ME1720F £4138.60+VAT£4966.32inc VAT Mercatus ME2017F Mercatus ME2017F £4131.84+VAT£4958.21inc VAT Mercatus ME1423F Mercatus ME1423F £4120.35+VAT£4944.42inc VAT Mercatus ME1723C Mercatus ME1723C £4002.76+VAT£4803.31inc VAT Mercatus ME2317C Mercatus ME2317C £3988.57+VAT£4786.28inc VAT Mercatus ME2020C Mercatus ME2020C £3937.21+VAT£4724.65inc VAT Tefcold LEDA CMW125 Tefcold LEDA CMW125 £3910.18+VAT£4692.22inc VAT Tefcold Callisto CH Range Tefcold Callisto CH Range from £3900.72+VAT£4680.86inc VAT Mercatus ME2314C Mercatus ME2314C £3779.07+VAT£4534.88inc VAT Mercatus ME2014F Mercatus ME2014F £3757.45+VAT£4508.94inc VAT Mercatus ME1720C Mercatus ME1720C £3735.82+VAT£4482.98inc VAT Mercatus ME1717F Mercatus ME1717F £3731.09+VAT£4477.31inc VAT Mercatus ME2017C Mercatus ME2017C £3729.06+VAT£4474.87inc VAT Mercatus ME1423C Mercatus ME1423C £3717.58+VAT£4461.10inc VAT Mercatus ME2014C Mercatus ME2014C £3488.48+VAT£4186.18inc VAT Mercatus ME1714F Mercatus ME1714F £3479.02+VAT£4174.82inc VAT Mercatus ME1717C Mercatus ME1717C £3462.12+VAT£4154.54inc VAT Mercatus ME1417F Mercatus ME1417F £3458.07+VAT£4149.68inc VAT Mercatus ME1414F Mercatus ME1414F £3340.48+VAT£4008.58inc VAT Tefcold Callisto CM Range Tefcold Callisto CM Range from £3278.31+VAT£3933.97inc VAT Tefcold Callisto CO Range Tefcold Callisto CO Range from £3212.75+VAT£3855.30inc VAT Mercatus ME1714C Mercatus ME1714C £3210.05+VAT£3852.06inc VAT Mercatus ME1417C Mercatus ME1417C £3189.10+VAT£3826.92inc VAT Tefcold Elara Flat Serveover Tefcold Elara Flat Serveover from £3103.95+VAT£3724.74inc VAT Mercatus ME1414C Mercatus ME1414C £3071.51+VAT£3685.81inc VAT Tefcold Elara Curved Tefcold Elara Curved from £3048.53+VAT£3658.24inc VAT Mercatus ME1411F Mercatus ME1411F £3022.85+VAT£3627.42inc VAT Interlevin UFSC1600GCP Interlevin UFSC1600GCP £2895.13+VAT£3474.16inc VAT Mercatus ME1411C Mercatus ME1411C £2753.88+VAT£3304.66inc VAT Mercatus Y5-500 Mercatus Y5-500 £2588.31+VAT£3105.97inc VAT Tefcold NF5000G-P Tefcold NF5000G-P £2163.65+VAT£2596.38inc VAT Tefcold Express CD Range Tefcold Express CD Range from £2118.96+VAT£2542.75inc VAT Tefcold Express C Range Tefcold Express C Range from £2088.44+VAT£2506.13inc VAT Tefcold FS1600 Range Tefcold FS1600 Range from £1999.69+VAT£2399.63inc VAT Tefcold Gastro-Line RF1420P Tefcold Gastro-Line RF1420P £1919.95+VAT£2303.94inc VAT Tefcold Gastro-Line PT Tefcold Gastro-Line PT from £1857.10+VAT£2228.52inc VAT Tefcold PDC Range Tefcold PDC Range from £1718.56+VAT£2062.27inc VAT Tefcold RK1420P Tefcold RK1420P £1705.72+VAT£2046.86inc VAT Tefcold Gastro-Line BLC Tefcold Gastro-Line BLC from £1639.49+VAT£1967.39inc VAT Mercatus X6 Mercatus X6 £1546.23+VAT£1855.48inc VAT Tefcold GUF140 Tefcold GUF140 £1498.75+VAT£1798.50inc VAT Tefcold GUC140 Tefcold GUC140 £1362.50+VAT£1635.00inc VAT Tefcold UPD200 Tefcold UPD200 £1362.41+VAT£1634.89inc VAT Tefcold ODC Range Tefcold ODC Range from £1297.54+VAT£1557.05inc VAT Tefcold Gastro-Line CFP Range Tefcold Gastro-Line CFP Range from £1238.74+VAT£1486.49inc VAT Tefcold RF710P Tefcold RF710P £1231.31+VAT£1477.57inc VAT Tefcold FS Range Black Tefcold FS Range Black from £1212.39+VAT£1454.87inc VAT Tefcold FS890HP Tefcold FS890HP £1179.95+VAT£1415.94inc VAT Tefcold UFG1450GCP Tefcold UFG1450GCP £1118.45+VAT£1342.14inc VAT TFW365-2 Frameless TFW365-2 Frameless from £1105.61+VAT£1326.73inc VAT Tefcold UF400VSG Tefcold UF400VSG £1092.77+VAT£1311.32inc VAT Tefcold FSC HP Range Tefcold FSC HP Range from £1088.91+VAT£1306.69inc VAT Tefcold  FSC S sliding Door Tefcold FSC S sliding Door from £1087.82+VAT£1305.38inc VAT Tefcold RF500P Tefcold RF500P £1075.20+VAT£1290.24inc VAT Tefcold Uni-Drawer Range Tefcold Uni-Drawer Range from £1074.52+VAT£1289.42inc VAT Tefcold Gastro-Line RK710P Tefcold Gastro-Line RK710P £1072.49+VAT£1286.99inc VAT Tefcold TFW365-2S Tefcold TFW365-2S £1069.12+VAT£1282.94inc VAT TFW375 Frameless TFW375 Frameless from £1042.08+VAT£1250.50inc VAT Tefcold UF700VP Range Tefcold UF700VP Range from £1030.60+VAT£1236.72inc VAT Tefcold GF7 RANGE Tefcold GF7 RANGE from £1010.32+VAT£1212.38inc VAT Tefcold UF400VG Tefcold UF400VG £1005.59+VAT£1206.71inc VAT Tefcold TFW365-2 Tefcold TFW365-2 £999.51+VAT£1199.41inc VAT Tefcold TFW375S Tefcold TFW375S £994.10+VAT£1192.92inc VAT Tefcold GUF70 Tefcold GUF70 £979.91+VAT£1175.89inc VAT Tefcold TFW375 Tefcold TFW375 £944.09+VAT£1132.91inc VAT Tefcold RK500B Tefcold RK500B £931.93+VAT£1118.32inc VAT Tefcold GUC70 Tefcold GUC70 £925.41+VAT£1110.49inc VAT Tefcold GC Range Tefcold GC Range from £881.24+VAT£1057.49inc VAT Tefcold UFSC370G Black Tefcold UFSC370G Black £870.91+VAT£1045.09inc VAT Tefcold UFFS370G Tefcold UFFS370G £866.55+VAT£1039.86inc VAT Tefcold GF200VSG-P Tefcold GF200VSG-P £849.48+VAT£1019.38inc VAT Tefcold UF600B Tefcold UF600B £838.67+VAT£1006.40inc VAT Tefcold UF400VP Tefcold UF400VP from £815.01+VAT£978.01inc VAT Tefcold UF550B Range Tefcold UF550B Range from £811.64+VAT£973.97inc VAT Tefcold BA30SP Tefcold BA30SP £770.41+VAT£924.49inc VAT Tefcold UR400G Range Tefcold UR400G Range from £764.33+VAT£917.20inc VAT Tefcold UR600B Range Tefcold UR600B Range from £750.14+VAT£900.17inc VAT UR550B Range UR550B Range from £741.35+VAT£889.62inc VAT Tefcold CWV Tefcold CWV from £708.91+VAT£850.69inc VAT Tefcold FSC1450 Tefcold FSC1450 £698.10+VAT£837.72inc VAT Tefcold FS1380WB-b Tefcold FS1380WB-b £677.83+VAT£813.40inc VAT Tefcold UF400B Range Tefcold UF400B Range from £669.04+VAT£802.85inc VAT Tefcold CW Tefcold CW from £668.37+VAT£802.04inc VAT Tefcold SCE Canopy B Tefcold SCE Canopy B from £667.69+VAT£801.23inc VAT Tefcold UF200GP Tefcold UF200GP from £666.34+VAT£799.61inc VAT Tefcold UF200VG-P Range Tefcold UF200VG-P Range from £661.00+VAT£793.20inc VAT TFW160 Frameless TFW160 Frameless from £643.36+VAT£772.03inc VAT Tefcold SC Canopy Tefcold SC Canopy from £638.63+VAT£766.36inc VAT Tefcold SCU1425 FRAMELESS Tefcold SCU1425 FRAMELESS £617.01+VAT£740.41inc VAT Tefcold FSC175HB Tefcold FSC175HB £602.14+VAT£722.57inc VAT Tefcold VOC100 Tefcold VOC100 £599.43+VAT£719.32inc VAT Tefcold FSC1380B Tefcold FSC1380B £595.38+VAT£714.46inc VAT Tefcold BA25 Tefcold BA25 from £592.68+VAT£711.22inc VAT UR400B Range UR400B Range from £590.65+VAT£708.78inc VAT Tefcold UF1380P Tefcold UF1380P £588.62+VAT£706.34inc VAT Tefcold SEP Range Tefcold SEP Range from £573.08+VAT£687.70inc VAT SD1280B SD1280B £573.08+VAT£687.70inc VAT Tefcold FS1280B Tefcold FS1280B £570.38+VAT£684.46inc VAT Tefcold TFW160S Tefcold TFW160S £548.75+VAT£658.50inc VAT Tefcold SD1220B Tefcold SD1220B £540.64+VAT£648.77inc VAT FS1220 FS1220 £535.23+VAT£642.28inc VAT Tefcold FS1220B Tefcold FS1220B £535.23+VAT£642.28inc VAT Tefcold CEV425CP Range Tefcold CEV425CP Range £525.38+VAT£630.46inc VAT Tefcold UF200VP Range Tefcold UF200VP Range from £522.11+VAT£626.53inc VAT Tefcold ST Tefcold ST from £517.66+VAT£621.19inc VAT Tefcold SD1380B Tefcold SD1380B £516.99+VAT£620.39inc VAT Tefcold BA20 Tefcold BA20 from £515.64+VAT£618.77inc VAT Tefcold CEV425 BLACK Tefcold CEV425 BLACK £512.30+VAT£614.76inc VAT Tefcold FS1380B Tefcold FS1380B from £491.31+VAT£589.57inc VAT Tefcold NIC100B Tefcold NIC100B from £467.65+VAT£561.18inc VAT Tefcold UF GCP-P Range Tefcold UF GCP-P Range from £452.11+VAT£542.53inc VAT Tefcold UR200GB Range Tefcold UR200GB Range from £443.32+VAT£531.98inc VAT Tefcold CF77 - Glass Lid Tefcold CF77 - Glass Lid £440.62+VAT£528.74inc VAT Tefcold IC-SD Tefcold IC-SD from £435.89+VAT£523.07inc VAT Tefcold NIC-SCEBP Range Tefcold NIC-SCEBP Range from £432.51+VAT£519.01inc VAT Tefcold UFP Tefcold UFP from £405.48+VAT£486.58inc VAT Tefcold UF200B Range Tefcold UF200B Range from £398.72+VAT£478.46inc VAT Tefcold TFW80S Tefcold TFW80S £391.29+VAT£469.55inc VAT Tefcold CC77 BLACK Tefcold CC77 BLACK £387.23+VAT£464.68inc VAT Tefcold TCC77 Black Tefcold TCC77 Black £387.23+VAT£464.68inc VAT Tefcold FS80CP Tefcold FS80CP £377.77+VAT£453.32inc VAT Tefcold BA05 Tefcold BA05 £373.72+VAT£448.46inc VAT Tefcold UR200B Tefcold UR200B from £371.01+VAT£445.21inc VAT Tefcold GM SS Tefcold GM SS from £369.51+VAT£443.41inc VAT Tefcold ICSCEB Tefcold ICSCEB from £361.55+VAT£433.86inc VAT Tefcold SC Tefcold SC from £360.88+VAT£433.06inc VAT Tefcold BA10 Tefcold BA10 from £358.17+VAT£429.80inc VAT Tefcold GM Range Tefcold GM Range from £341.17+VAT£409.40inc VAT Tefcold ST160B Tefcold ST160B £333.85+VAT£400.62inc VAT Tefcold UPD Tefcold UPD from £323.03+VAT£387.64inc VAT Tefcold BC145 Tefcold BC145 £316.27+VAT£379.52inc VAT Tefcold SC85 Tefcold SC85 £313.57+VAT£376.28inc VAT Tefcold BC85 Range Tefcold BC85 Range £268.29+VAT£321.95inc VAT Tefcold BC Range Tefcold BC Range from £254.10+VAT£304.92inc VAT Tefcold TMG Tefcold TMG from £210.85+VAT£253.02inc VAT Tefcold TM Range Tefcold TM Range from £197.33+VAT£236.80inc VAT Mercatus ME2011C Mercatus ME2011C £3358.73+VAT£4030.48inc VATwas £4030.48inc VAT£3358.73+VAT
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