KoldBox KBC1 KoldBox KBC1 £350.40+VAT£420.48inc VAT KoldBox KBC2Sl KoldBox KBC2Sl from £438.00+VAT£525.60inc VAT KoldBox KBC3SL KoldBox KBC3SL from £575.20+VAT£690.24inc VAT Tefcold DB126H Bar fridge Tefcold DB126H Bar fridge £469.68+VAT£563.62inc VAT Tefcold DB201 Range Tefcold DB201 Range from £479.60+VAT£575.52inc VAT Elstar EM131 Elstar EM131 £319.00+VAT£382.80inc VAT Blizzard Bar1ss Blizzard Bar1ss £463.60+VAT£556.32inc VAT Blizzard Bar2ss Blizzard Bar2ss £638.20+VAT£765.84inc VAT Blizzard Bar3ss Blizzard Bar3ss £882.80+VAT£1059.36inc VAT Blizzard Bar1 Blizzard Bar1 £415.20+VAT£498.24inc VAT Blizzard Bar2 Blizzard Bar2 £550.00+VAT£660.00inc VAT Blizzard Bar3 Blizzard Bar3 from £775.20+VAT£930.24inc VAT Infrico ZX1 Infrico ZX1 £725.60+VAT£870.72inc VAT Infrico ZX2 Infrico ZX2 £945.20+VAT£1134.24inc VAT Infrico ZX3 Infrico ZX3 £1350.20+VAT£1620.24inc VAT Tefcold BA10 Tefcold BA10 £380.00+VAT£456.00inc VAT Tefcold BA20 Tefcold BA20 from £529.00+VAT£634.80inc VAT Tefcold BA30 Tefcold BA30 from £725.00+VAT£870.00inc VAT Infrico ZXS1 Infrico ZXS1 £735.80+VAT£882.96inc VAT Infrico ZXS2 Infrico ZXS2 £999.80+VAT£1199.76inc VAT Infrico ZXS3 Infrico ZXS3 £1315.20+VAT£1578.24inc VAT Infrico Solid ERV15PP Infrico Solid ERV15PP £725.00+VAT£870.00inc VAT Infrico Solid ERV25PP Infrico Solid ERV25PP £975.00+VAT£1170.00inc VAT Infrico Solid ERV35PP Infrico Solid ERV35PP £1225.20+VAT£1470.24inc VAT Blizzard Lowbar1 Blizzard Lowbar1 £425.60+VAT£510.72inc VAT Blizzard Lowbar2 Blizzard Lowbar2 £575.00+VAT£690.00inc VAT Blizzard Lowbar3 Blizzard Lowbar3 from £765.40+VAT£918.48inc VAT Tefcold DB301 Range Tefcold DB301 Range from £643.10+VAT£771.72inc VAT Blizzard Bar10 Single door Bottle Cooler Blizzard Bar10 Single door Bottle Cooler £845.00+VAT£1014.00inc VAT Infrico ZX10 Infrico ZX10 £1125.40+VAT£1350.48inc VAT Blizzard BAR10SS Blizzard BAR10SS £975.00+VAT£1170.00inc VAT Infrico ZXS10 Infrico ZXS10 £1129.20+VAT£1355.04inc VAT Blizzard BAR20 UPRIGHT DOUBLE DOOR BAR BOTTLE COOLER Blizzard BAR20 UPRIGHT DOUBLE DOOR BAR BOTTLE COOLER £1150.60+VAT£1380.72inc VAT Elstar EM Upright Range Elstar EM Upright Range from £566.00+VAT£679.20inc VAT Infrico ZX20 Infrico ZX20 £1525.20+VAT£1830.24inc VAT Infrico ZXS20 Infrico ZXS20 £1575.00+VAT£1890.00inc VAT Blizzard Bar20SS Blizzard Bar20SS £1236.00+VAT£1483.20inc VAT Tefcold GF200VSG-P Tefcold GF200VSG-P £990.92+VAT£1189.10inc VAT Blizzard UCR140CR GLASS DOOR S.S UNDER COUNTER REFRIGERATOR Blizzard UCR140CR GLASS DOOR S.S UNDER COUNTER REFRIGERATOR £559.40+VAT£671.28inc VAT Tefcold BA05 Tefcold BA05 £395.00+VAT£474.00inc VAT Tefcold UR200G Range Tefcold UR200G Range from £375.00+VAT£450.00inc VAT Vestfrost Compact M85 Vestfrost Compact M85 £475.40+VAT£570.48inc VAT Tefcold TMG Tefcold TMG from £256.60+VAT£307.92inc VAT Blizzard BMB Range Blizzard BMB Range £216.40+VAT£259.68inc VAT Tefcold BC Range Tefcold BC Range from £293.30+VAT£351.96inc VAT Tefcold TM Range Tefcold TM Range from £244.96+VAT£293.95inc VAT Blizzard Mini BMB 30 Blizzard Mini BMB 30 £209.93+VAT£251.92inc VAT Tefcold BC145 Tefcold BC145 £390.46+VAT£468.55inc VAT Tefcold BC85 W/FAN Tefcold BC85 W/FAN £336.55+VAT£403.86inc VAT Tefcold FS80CP Tefcold FS80CP £409.96+VAT£491.95inc VAT Tefcold TFW80S Tefcold TFW80S £373.00+VAT£447.60inc VAT Tefcold TFW200S Tefcold TFW200S £794.50+VAT£953.40inc VAT TFW200 Frameless TFW200 Frameless £925.78+VAT£1110.94inc VAT VESTFROST FZ365W VESTFROST FZ365W £1033.00+VAT£1239.60inc VAT VESTFROST FZ295W VESTFROST FZ295W £1055.80+VAT£1266.96inc VAT Tefcold SC381WB Tefcold SC381WB £585.00+VAT£702.00inc VAT WFG185 Wine Fridge WFG185 Wine Fridge £1171.00+VAT£1405.20inc VAT Tefcold CC77 BLACK Tefcold CC77 BLACK £431.18+VAT£517.42inc VAT INFRICO EFP SS INFRICO EFP SS from £768.40+VAT£922.08inc VAT INFRICO EB INFRICO EB from £903.20+VAT£1083.84inc VAT Tefcold TFW400S Tefcold TFW400S £1457.34+VAT£1748.81inc VAT Tefcold TFW400F Tefcold TFW400F £1457.34+VAT£1748.81inc VAT Tefcold TFW400-2S Tefcold TFW400-2S from £1505.01+VAT£1806.01inc VAT Tefcold SC85 Tefcold SC85 £393.32+VAT£471.98inc VAT

Bar fridges & bar coolers

As a pub, bar, café, restaurant or club owner, creating an enticing aesthetic is an essential part of your business. Social drinkers tend to settle on a particular brand and buy it on repeat throughout the evening, so showcasing trending bottles and flavours in the right way will help drive your sales.

Bar fridges or bar coolers are an integral part of your any drinks display. They keep beers and wines chilled, instantly attracting customers after a long, hard day at work. Of course, it’s not just alcohol these fridges can hold. Soft drinks, energy drinks, cans and bottled water can all take their place on the shelves.

Browse Fridgesmart’s extensive range of bar fridges and bar coolers below.

Bar fridges & bar coolers from Fridgesmart

Bar fridges and bar coolers are specifically designed to appeal to thirsty patrons while maintaining an optimal drinking temperature. The clear glass doors mean customers can peer through to select a beverage of their choice before either opening the door themselves or asking an employee to do so.

Bar fridges come in a whole range of shapes, sizes and capacities, with models made to fit under the counter or in the front-of-house, as well as upright and chest coolers. No matter your budget, floor space or general needs, we’re sure to have a bar fridge that works for your business.

Products are made with sustainable materials and the latest energy-efficient EC fans, LEDs and refrigerants, and come with a range of different possible finishes. Bar fridges might have sliding or hinged lids or doors, allowing for many potential configuration options that can be tailored to your business.

We currently stock a wide range of products, including well-known, trusted brands like Tefcold, Blizzard, Vestfrost, Interlevin, Elstar, Infrico, KoldBox and Autonumis.

Why Fridgesmart?

Fridgesmart has been in business for more than 40 years and is a leading supplier of fridges, freezers and commercial catering equipment across the UK. Our company was founded on the crucial principle of providing exceptional customer service, something we still aspire to today.

When it comes to bar fridges and bar coolers, you want to be sure you’re getting a high-quality, durable model that’ll stand up to the daily wear and tear of a catering business. That’s why we only stock products from the most reputable brands. We put our complete confidence in everything we sell, sure that whatever you need will live up to your expectations. We’ll even include a warranty for free with every purchase for your peace of mind.

As a nationwide company, we take pride in our next-day delivery option. This would mean you could have a bar fridge up and running by tomorrow evening! We also believe in having the best products for the cheapest prices and consequently operate a Lowest Price Guarantee. If you find one of the models we stock for less elsewhere, please let us know. We’ll do everything we can to drop our price and match it.

Could your business benefit from a new bar fridge or bar cooler? If so, we’d love to hear from you. All our chats will be completely informal – our staff are always happy to help you out commitment-free. They’ll do all they can to help you find a product that adds genuine value to your organisation.

We can be contacted through the Live Chat feature or Contact page. We look forward to your message.