Elstar EM131 Elstar EM131 £399.00+VAT£478.80inc VAT Elstar EM231 Elstar EM231 from £520.00+VAT£624.00inc VAT Elstar EM331 Elstar EM331 from £725.00+VAT£870.00inc VAT KoldBox KBC1 KoldBox KBC1 £362.97+VAT£435.56inc VAT KoldBox KBC2Sl KoldBox KBC2Sl from £500.31+VAT£600.37inc VAT KoldBox KBC3SL KoldBox KBC3SL from £705.01+VAT£846.01inc VAT Blizzard Bar1ss Blizzard Bar1ss £459.11+VAT£550.93inc VAT Blizzard Bar2ss Blizzard Bar2ss £648.11+VAT£777.73inc VAT Blizzard Bar3ss Blizzard Bar3ss £865.24+VAT£1038.29inc VAT Interlevin PD10 Interlevin PD10 £499.42+VAT£599.30inc VAT Interlevin PD20 Interlevin PD20 from £625.00+VAT£750.00inc VAT Interlevin PD30 Interlevin PD30 from £831.23+VAT£997.48inc VAT Blizzard Bar1 Blizzard Bar1 £408.10+VAT£489.72inc VAT Blizzard Bar2 Blizzard Bar2 from £572.25+VAT£686.70inc VAT Blizzard Bar3 Blizzard Bar3 from £759.29+VAT£911.15inc VAT Interlevin PD10H Stainless Interlevin PD10H Stainless £655.00+VAT£786.00inc VAT Interlevin PD20H Stainless Interlevin PD20H Stainless £825.15+VAT£990.18inc VAT Interlevin PD30H Stainless Interlevin PD30H Stainless £1045.00+VAT£1254.00inc VAT Infrico ZX1 Infrico ZX1 £663.16+VAT£795.79inc VAT Infrico ZX2 Infrico ZX2 from £936.53+VAT£1123.84inc VAT Infrico ZX3 Infrico ZX3 £1279.22+VAT£1535.06inc VAT Interlevin EC10h Interlevin EC10h £585.00+VAT£702.00inc VAT Interlevin EC20 Interlevin EC20 from £735.00+VAT£882.00inc VAT Interlevin EC30H Interlevin EC30H £975.00+VAT£1170.00inc VAT Tefcold BA10 Tefcold BA10 £485.00+VAT£582.00inc VAT Tefcold BA20 Tefcold BA20 from £645.00+VAT£774.00inc VAT Tefcold BA30SP Tefcold BA30SP £975.00+VAT£1170.00inc VAT Infrico ZXS1 Infrico ZXS1 £686.05+VAT£823.26inc VAT Infrico ZXS2 Infrico ZXS2 £994.73+VAT£1193.68inc VAT Infrico ZXS3 Infrico ZXS3 £1353.78+VAT£1624.54inc VAT Infrico Solid ERV15PP Infrico Solid ERV15PP £706.97+VAT£848.36inc VAT Infrico Solid ERV25PP Infrico Solid ERV25PP £928.03+VAT£1113.64inc VAT Infrico Solid ERV35PP Infrico Solid ERV35PP £1169.35+VAT£1403.22inc VAT Blizzard Lowbar1 Blizzard Lowbar1 £438.83+VAT£526.60inc VAT Blizzard Lowbar2 Blizzard Lowbar2 from £595.14+VAT£714.17inc VAT Blizzard Lowbar3 Blizzard Lowbar3 from £793.96+VAT£952.75inc VAT Blizzard Bar10 Single door Bottle Cooler Blizzard Bar10 Single door Bottle Cooler £886.17+VAT£1063.40inc VAT Infrico ZXS10 Infrico ZXS10 £1094.14+VAT£1312.97inc VAT Blizzard BAR10SS Blizzard BAR10SS £1016.97+VAT£1220.36inc VAT Infrico ZX10 Infrico ZX10 £1078.45+VAT£1294.14inc VAT Interlevin PD Upright Interlevin PD Upright from £1025.00+VAT£1230.00inc VAT Interlevin PD-Upright Range SS Interlevin PD-Upright Range SS from £1125.00+VAT£1350.00inc VAT Elstar EM Upright Range Elstar EM Upright Range from £765.00+VAT£918.00inc VAT Infrico ZXS20 Infrico ZXS20 £1506.16+VAT£1807.39inc VAT Infrico ZX20 Infrico ZX20 £1473.46+VAT£1768.15inc VAT Tefcold GF200VSG-P Tefcold GF200VSG-P £990.72+VAT£1188.86inc VAT Tefcold UR200GB Range Tefcold UR200GB Range from £588.62+VAT£706.34inc VAT Interlevin GF Range Interlevin GF Range from £1002.21+VAT£1202.65inc VAT Tefcold BA25 Tefcold BA25 from £746.76+VAT£896.11inc VAT Autonumis Double Popular Autonumis Double Popular £589.00+VAT£706.80inc VAT Tefcold BA05 Tefcold BA05 £462.92+VAT£555.50inc VAT Vestfrost Compact M85 Vestfrost Compact M85 from £397.63+VAT£477.16inc VAT Tefcold TMG Tefcold TMG from £253.42+VAT£304.10inc VAT Blizzard BMB Range Blizzard BMB Range from £218.44+VAT£262.13inc VAT Tefcold BC Range Tefcold BC Range from £285.00+VAT£342.00inc VAT Tefcold TM Range Tefcold TM Range from £240.00+VAT£288.00inc VAT Blizzard Mini BMB 30 Blizzard Mini BMB 30 from £209.93+VAT£251.92inc VAT Tefcold BC85 Range Tefcold BC85 Range £325.74+VAT£390.89inc VAT Tefcold BC145 Tefcold BC145 £395.00+VAT£474.00inc VAT Tefcold FS80CP Tefcold FS80CP £393.32+VAT£471.98inc VAT Tefcold TFW80S Tefcold TFW80S £480.00+VAT£576.00inc VAT Tefcold SC85 Tefcold SC85 £381.15+VAT£457.38inc VAT Tefcold TFW160S Tefcold TFW160S £699.00+VAT£838.80inc VAT INFRICO EFP EG Range INFRICO EFP EG Range from £647.46+VAT£776.95inc VAT INFRICO EFP SS INFRICO EFP SS from £756.02+VAT£907.22inc VAT INFRICO EB INFRICO EB from £886.82+VAT£1064.18inc VAT VESTFROST FZ365W VESTFROST FZ365W £1050.98+VAT£1261.18inc VAT VESTFROST FZ295W VESTFROST FZ295W £970.54+VAT£1164.65inc VAT TFW160 Frameless TFW160 Frameless from £643.36+VAT£772.03inc VAT TFW365-2 Frameless TFW365-2 Frameless from £1425.00+VAT£1710.00inc VAT TFW375 Frameless TFW375 Frameless £1355.00+VAT£1626.00inc VAT Tefcold SC381WB Tefcold SC381WB £585.00+VAT£702.00inc VAT WFG185 Wine Fridge WFG185 Wine Fridge £1273.34+VAT£1528.01inc VAT Tefcold TCC77 Black Tefcold TCC77 Black £425.00+VAT£510.00inc VAT Tefcold VOC100 Tefcold VOC100 £625.00+VAT£750.00inc VAT Tefcold USS300SDB Tefcold USS300SDB £485.00+VAT£582.00inc VAT Arcaboa Alfa Arcaboa Alfa from £570.00+VAT£684.00inc VAT Tefcold CC77 BLACK Tefcold CC77 BLACK £425.00+VAT£510.00inc VAT

Every business should invest in a high-quality bar fridge. Fridgesmart stocks a wide variety of bar coolers, all at unbeatable prices. Whether you’re looking for a single or double door beer fridge, or even a triple door beer fridge, we’ve got you covered.

We only offer bar coolers manufactured by industry-leading producers such as Elstar, Tefcold and Interlevin. Our Tefcold bar fridges, for example, are some of the most popular on the market and come in both a black and white finish.

All of our bar coolers come with optimised lighting to entice your customers, while cold temperatures keep those beers and soft drinks always ready.