Bar Fridges

FridgeSmart set the Bar high when it comes to low prices with our bar fridges. We offer a range of single, double and triple door Tefcold bar fridges in both a Black and white finish. Optimised lighting promotes high visibility, while cold temperatures keep those beers and soft drinks always ready.

Tefcold UR200G Tefcold UR200G from £382.44+VAT£458.93inc VAT Interlevin PD10H Stainless Interlevin PD10H Stainless £439.00+VAT£526.80inc VAT Tefcold TMG Tefcold TMG from £178.26+VAT£213.91inc VAT Tefcold TM Range Tefcold TM Range from £167.24+VAT£200.69inc VAT Tefcold BC Range Tefcold BC Range from £218.36+VAT£262.03inc VAT Interlevin MB35 Mninibar Interlevin MB35 Mninibar £102.00+VAT£122.40inc VAT Interlevin PD10 Interlevin PD10 £291.00+VAT£349.20inc VAT Tefcold BC85 Range Tefcold BC85 Range £217.32+VAT£260.78inc VAT Blizzard bc105 display cooler Blizzard bc105 display cooler £192.00+VAT£230.40inc VATwas £224.40inc VAT£187.00+VAT
Special Offer
Tefcold BC145 Tefcold BC145 £266.24+VAT£319.49inc VAT Tefcold FS80CP Tefcold FS80CP £320.78+VAT£384.94inc VAT Tefcold BA10 Tefcold BA10 from £318.70+VAT£382.44inc VAT Interlevin EC10h Interlevin EC10h £375.00+VAT£450.00inc VAT Interlevin GF Range Interlevin GF Range from £826.88+VAT£992.26inc VAT Interlevin PD20 Interlevin PD20 from £346.00+VAT£415.20inc VAT Tefcold BA20 Tefcold BA20 from £432.20+VAT£518.64inc VAT Tefcold BA05 Tefcold BA05 £316.36+VAT£379.63inc VAT Tefcold BA25 Tefcold BA25 from £509.44+VAT£611.33inc VAT Interlevin PD20H Stainless Interlevin PD20H Stainless £529.00+VAT£634.80inc VAT Interlevin PD30H Stainless Interlevin PD30H Stainless £695.00+VAT£834.00inc VAT Interlevin EC20 Interlevin EC20 from £445.00+VAT£534.00inc VAT Interlevin EC30H Interlevin EC30H £620.00+VAT£744.00inc VAT Interlevin PD30 Interlevin PD30 from £449.00+VAT£538.80inc VAT Tefcold BA30S Tefcold BA30S from £634.96+VAT£761.95inc VAT Interlevin Pd Upright Range Interlevin Pd Upright Range £594.00+VAT£712.80inc VAT Interlevin PD Upright Interlevin PD Upright from £594.00+VAT£712.80inc VAT Tefcold FS1600H Tefcold FS1600H £2019.29+VAT£2423.15inc VAT Tefcold FS1500H Bar Fridge Tefcold FS1500H Bar Fridge Glass Frosters Glass Frosters from £477.00+VAT£572.40inc VAT Tefcold TFW80S Tefcold TFW80S £319.36+VAT£383.23inc VAT Tefcold SC85 Tefcold SC85 £265.76+VAT£318.91inc VAT Tefcold TFW160S Tefcold TFW160S £453.68+VAT£544.42inc VAT Blizzard Wine105 Blizzard Wine105 £202.00+VAT£242.40inc VATwas £234.00inc VAT£195.00+VAT
Special Offer
Arcaboa Alfa Arcaboa Alfa from £443.30+VAT£531.96inc VAT Tefcold VOC75 Tefcold VOC75 £407.52+VAT£489.02inc VAT Tefcold VOC100 Tefcold VOC100 £488.68+VAT£586.42inc VAT INFRICO EFP WH Range INFRICO EFP WH Range from £460.00+VAT£552.00inc VAT INFRICO EFP2000WH INFRICO EFP2000WH £764.00+VAT£916.80inc VAT INFRICO EFP SS INFRICO EFP SS from £544.80+VAT£653.76inc VAT INFRICO EB INFRICO EB from £860.00+VAT£1032.00inc VAT BLIZZARD UCR140CR BLIZZARD UCR140CR £399.00+VAT£478.80inc VAT Autonumis Double Popular Autonumis Double Popular £515.00+VAT£618.00inc VAT MONDIAL-ELITE VINUMPR40 MONDIAL-ELITE VINUMPR40 £687.00+VAT£824.40inc VAT VESTFROST FZ365W VESTFROST FZ365W £945.00+VAT£1134.00inc VAT MONDIAL-ELITE MULTI-C MONDIAL-ELITE MULTI-C £930.40+VAT£1116.48inc VAT VESTFROST FZ295W VESTFROST FZ295W £784.00+VAT£940.80inc VAT