Solid Door Freezers

Tefcold UF1380P Tefcold UF1380P £564.29+VAT£677.15inc VAT Elstar CEV350 Elstar CEV350 £495.36+VAT£594.43inc VAT Tefcold UF400B Range Tefcold UF400B Range from £631.20+VAT£757.44inc VAT Tefcold UF400VP Tefcold UF400VP from £775.82+VAT£930.98inc VAT Tefcold UF550B Range Tefcold UF550B Range from £762.30+VAT£914.76inc VAT Tefcold UF600B Tefcold UF600B from £783.93+VAT£940.72inc VAT Tefcold UF700VP Range Tefcold UF700VP Range from £982.61+VAT£1179.13inc VAT Tefcold RF500P Tefcold RF500P £1033.30+VAT£1239.96inc VAT Interlevin CAF410 Interlevin CAF410 £1026.54+VAT£1231.85inc VAT Interlevin CAF650 Interlevin CAF650 £1081.96+VAT£1298.35inc VAT Tefcold GUF70 Tefcold GUF70 £917.78+VAT£1101.34inc VAT Tefcold GUF70-P Tefcold GUF70-P £917.78+VAT£1101.34inc VAT Tefcold RF710P Tefcold RF710P £1179.95+VAT£1415.94inc VAT Interlevin Italia Range AF07BT Interlevin Italia Range AF07BT £1256.99+VAT£1508.39inc VAT ISA LABOR 70 RS/RV ISA LABOR 70 RS/RV £2406.52+VAT£2887.82inc VAT Interlevin CAF900 Interlevin CAF900 £1444.86+VAT£1733.83inc VAT Interlevin CAF1250 Interlevin CAF1250 £1582.72+VAT£1899.26inc VAT Interlevin Italia AF14BT Interlevin Italia AF14BT £1840.20+VAT£2208.24inc VAT Tefcold Gastro-Line RF1420P Tefcold Gastro-Line RF1420P £1784.79+VAT£2141.75inc VAT Tefcold GUF140 Tefcold GUF140 £1347.24+VAT£1616.69inc VAT Gemm XFB Platinum Range Gemm XFB Platinum Range from £1927.38+VAT£2312.86inc VAT Interlevin CAF1390 Interlevin CAF1390 £2086.19+VAT£2503.43inc VAT VESTFROST CFS344 VESTFROST CFS344 £615.00+VAT£738.00inc VAT Blizzard L400WH Blizzard L400WH from £530.00+VAT£636.00inc VAT Blizzard LSS Range Blizzard LSS Range from £585.00+VAT£702.00inc VAT Vestfrost CFS344STS Vestfrost CFS344STS £665.00+VAT£798.00inc VAT Mondial Elite KICN40LT Mondial Elite KICN40LT from £835.00+VAT£1002.00inc VAT Mondial Elite KICNX40LT Mondial Elite KICNX40LT from £885.00+VAT£1062.00inc VAT Blizzard LBP Blizzard LBP £1255.00+VAT£1506.00inc VAT INFRICO AGN BT Range INFRICO AGN BT Range from £1699.00+VAT£2038.80inc VAT Blizzard BLSS Blizzard BLSS from £932.00+VAT£1118.40inc VAT Blizzard BLSS CR Range Blizzard BLSS CR Range from £1225.00+VAT£1470.00inc VAT Infrico AN BT-CR Range Infrico AN BT-CR Range from £2345.00+VAT£2814.00inc VAT

Storing your produce has never been easy than with the great range of solid door freezer units by Fridgesmart.  Whether you're a restaurant, cafe, canteen or deli, we have a solid door freezer at a size and price to suit you, with excellent prices on models like the Tefcold UF1380P. Many of our solid door freezers are available in white or stainless steel finish, and we stock units from the top brands such as Interlevin and Tefcold.