Sliding Lid Freezers

Any customers heading into a shop on a scorching hot day will be captured by ice creams and frozen lollies. There’s something quite unique about the freezing blast of air we get as we slide open the freezer to grab the treat. The clear tops of these models allow customers to browse the various flavours before opening the lid to pick them out.

Whether you run a restaurant, café, corner shop or ice cream parlour, a sliding lid freezer will help you tap into this potentially lucrative market.

How to choose a sliding lid freezer from Fridgesmart

We currently have a wide range of sliding lid freezers available at Fridgesmart. These include well-known, respected brands such as Tefcold, Arcaboa, Elcold, Vestfrost and Blizzard.

If you’re unsure how to choose a sliding lid freezer, there are several things to consider. The external dimensions of a freezer must fit in your shop, store or café, so plan the room out before your purchase so you can get one that works well in the layout. The greater the capacity of your unit, the more ice cream you can sell. However, remember, it also ties into your stock levels and energy consumption. Freezers need to use a significant amount of energy, although recent years have seen efficiency gains. The smaller it is, the less energy it’ll use.

To an extent, a freezer is a freezer, but all come in slightly different shapes and sizes. Match a sliding lid freezer to the overall look of your business. We have sliding lid freezers to suit all budgets and always strive to keep your cost as low as possible.

Overall, we’d recommend a sliding lid freezer that’s neither too big nor too small. For more information on our sliding lid freezers range, roll over the products with your mouse. If you’d like even more details, why not chat to one of our representatives directly? They’ll be happy to help you, obligation-free!

Fridgesmart and sliding lid freezers

At Fridgesmart, we’re one of the biggest suppliers of fridges, freezers and commercial equipment in the UK. We’re proud to have developed a reputation of always focusing on the customer, meaning we put your experience first every time.

After more than 40 years of providing catering resources, we know our ice cream freezers. All the sliding lid freezers you see on this page come with our full backing and confidence. We’ve tested them and really believe in them. We provide full warranties with every purchase to show this. All our sliding lid freezers also come with our lowest price guarantee. If you find one listed cheaper elsewhere, we’re committed to doing everything we can to lower what we charge. Later on, if you ever need any help, we offer extensive customer support from our trained and willing staff, even long after your purchase.

Do you think your shop, café, restaurant, cinema or parlour could benefit from a sliding lid freezer? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us through our Live Chat feature (in the corner of your screen) or the Contact page.