Commercial Chest Freezers

You’re probably aware of the vast range of frozen produce available today. With increasingly efficient cold storage methods, supermarkets, in particular, have been able to hold many different types of frozen ingredients, vegetables, meals, meats, fish, and, of course, ice creams. There’s even an ever more popular trend of purchasing frozen pet food.

Customers favour frozen meals, foods and ingredients because it makes for greater convenience. Of course, fresh food should always be available, but frozen options keep much longer. As a result, individuals have more flexibility about what, when, and how to cook.

A commercial chest freezer designed for display purposes can help you cash in on this recent uptake.

What is a commercial chest freezer?

Like a standard chest freezer, a commercial variant lies flat and is opened from the top. The lid is usually either hinged or sliding.

A display commercial chest freezer has a clear top (and sometimes sides) to allow customers to peer in before opening it and reaching in. Here’s where appealing marketing and well-designed products can sell themselves. With glass-lid chest freezers, it’s effortless to monitor stock – all you have to do is look through the top.

Our range of commercial chest freezers here at Fridgesmart includes reliable brands like Tefcold, Elcold and Interlevin. Models come in various shapes, sizes and capacities, with options to suit all budgets and floorspace areas. When looking for a glass-lid commercial chest freezer, you’ll want to consider all these features. Also, check out things like energy efficiency and running costs to minimise your carbon footprint and bills.

Why Fridgesmart?

Fridgesmart is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of fridges, freezers and commercial catering equipment. Established over forty years ago, we’ve developed into the countrywide company we are today by unashamedly focusing on customer service.

Each of our commercial chest freezers is supplied with a free warranty included for your peace of mind. However, we don’t expect you’ll need it, since we carefully check each product we sell. If you do run into a problem – even if it’s some time after your purchase – we’d always encourage you to contact us. We offer above-and-beyond aftersales support and will do everything we can to help.

Across our entire range, we offer next-day delivery. That means you could potentially have your commercial freezer onsite and up and running by tomorrow evening.

On top of all this, we offer a Lowest Price Guarantee. As a large company that can stretch across the UK, we always strive to have the highest quality freezers at the lowest cost. As such, if you find one of our commercial chest freezers cheaper elsewhere, do let us know. We’ll do everything possible to match it.

If your business needs a clear-top commercial chest freezer, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us to discuss any queries you might have. Our team is always happy to help you out, and all our informal chats will be completely obligation-free. We’re only interested in genuinely helping you grow your organisation and providing you with the equipment to help.

Contact us through the website page or the Live Chat in the corner of your screen.

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