Ventilated Soft Scoop Ice Cream Display Freezers

Ice cream and gelato continues to be incredibly popular. Customers order them in a whole range of qualities, from value supermarket tubs to pricey desserts at a fancy restaurant.

Ventilated soft scoop ice cream display freezers are all about maintaining the highest quality ice cream, keeping it just right and ready for scooping. They’re perfect for any environment where flavour and appearance are the highest priorities, such as ice cream parlours, restaurants and cafes. Many different types of ventilated soft scoop ice cream display freezers are made to suit all different needs and budgets. Finding the perfect one for your organisation will help you capitalise on the premium side of the ice cream and gelato industry.

What is a ventilated soft scoop ice cream display freezer?

A ventilated soft scoop ice cream display freezer is similar to other types but focuses on enhanced ventilation. Because of this, temperature regulation is much more consistent throughout the freezer, and humidity levels are kept as low as possible. With more consistent temperatures throughout the display freezer, the ice cream will maintain its consistency better, rather than constantly melting or refreezing. Humidity regulation also drastically reduces unsightly ice crystals that inevitably build up on top of your flavours.

Like all display freezers, ventilated models have a transparent covering to promote customer impulse buying. They’re specifically designed to be opened, of course, and opened regularly. When scooping out ice cream for a customer, you’ll lift the back up and reach in. The front remains closed. This easy access through the rear also makes it much easier to keep stock topped up, maintaining an enticing aesthetic.

Overall, ventilated soft scoop ice cream display freezers are all about maintaining the highest quality of freshly scooped ice cream and gelato. If it’s this market your business is targeting, they might be the right choice for you.

Why buy from Fridgesmart?

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