Cake Display Fridges

Cake display fridges or refrigerated cake display as they are also known are a great way to visually entice customers into purchasing that sweet treat, sandwich or patisserie.

Essentially all cake display fridges need to showcase your cakes and pastries in the most attractive light possible. Here at Fridgesmart we stock the best selection of refrigerated cake displays for use in a cafe, restaurant, tea room or Bakery.

Our selection of outstanding display cabinets come in a range of colours, sizes and finishes so whether you’re planning on using as a cake, sandwich or patisserie display fridge we have the perfect match at a low cost to suit.

With an extensive range of sizes, shapes and capacities every business from cafe's to restaurants will find the perfect solution to their requirements. A multiple shelf, glass-fronted layout ensures that there is plenty of room to showcase stock with a stylish appeal in mind. If your business requires a patisserie display or rotating cake displays we can help, find the perfect solution here.

Cake display fridges need to offer the correct temperature in order to preserve flavour, moisture, texture and freshness of your sweet treats. As well as tempting customers with a high impact glass front display. We stock all of the industry-leading brands you expect, including Frilixa, Interlevin, Tecfrigo and Tefcold - all for great low prices.

With our unbeatable prices, top-rated customer service and secure payment portal for extra peace of mind you're in the right place to find a refrigerated cake display. If you're looking for a new cake display fridge but you're not sure which one is right for you, please call us on 0115 9413640 or use the live chat below to speak to a member of our team.

Frilixa Tejo Patisserie Frilixa Tejo Patisserie from £1351.90+VAT£1622.28inc VAT Frilixa Maxime Pastry Frilixa Maxime Pastry from £1593.32+VAT£1911.98inc VAT Mafirol SA FEVCR Mafirol SA FEVCR from £1650.00+VAT£1980.00inc VAT Interlevin Bellini Range Interlevin Bellini Range from £817.84+VAT£981.41inc VAT Frilixa Vienna Patisserie Frilixa Vienna Patisserie from £1405.96+VAT£1687.15inc VAT Interlevin Italia Evo Interlevin Italia Evo from £1302.28+VAT£1562.74inc VAT Interlevin Italia Evo SS Range Interlevin Italia Evo SS Range from £1332.04+VAT£1598.45inc VAT Interlevin Italia Evok Interlevin Italia Evok from £1490.16+VAT£1788.19inc VAT Interlevin LPD Curved Interlevin LPD Curved from £1376.28+VAT£1651.54inc VATwas £1754.92inc VAT£1462.43+VAT
Special Offer
Interlevin LCT750 Interlevin LCT750 from £482.50+VAT£579.00inc VATwas £617.95inc VAT£514.96+VAT
Special Offer
Interlevin LCT Curved Interlevin LCT Curved from £501.24+VAT£601.49inc VATwas £643.09inc VAT£535.91+VAT
Special Offer
MAFIROL JA FVVCR MAFIROL JA FVVCR from £2599.00+VAT£3118.80inc VAT Frost Tech P75 Range Frost Tech P75 Range from £1999.00+VAT£2398.80inc VAT MAFIROL PA-FV Range MAFIROL PA-FV Range from £1475.00+VAT£1770.00inc VAT MAFIROL RU FVVCE MAFIROL RU FVVCE from £2475.00+VAT£2970.00inc VAT ISA Millennium Pastry ISA Millennium Pastry from £1409.84+VAT£1691.81inc VATwas £1691.81inc VAT£1409.84+VAT
Special Offer
Interlevin LPDG Interlevin LPDG from £1193.00+VAT£1431.60inc VAT MAFIROL CHOPIN FV-VP MAFIROL CHOPIN FV-VP from £1625.00+VAT£1950.00inc VAT MAFIROL CHOPIN1000OPENFV MAFIROL CHOPIN1000OPENFV £1499.00+VAT£1798.80inc VAT Tecfrigo 400 Prisma Silver Tecfrigo 400 Prisma Silver from £1139.88+VAT£1367.86inc VAT Tecfrigo Continental 400GBT Tecfrigo Continental 400GBT £1225.00+VAT£1470.00inc VAT Tecfrigo Continental 700 Tecfrigo Continental 700 from £2001.08+VAT£2401.30inc VAT Tecfrigo Dominante Tecfrigo Dominante £674.22+VAT£809.06inc VAT Tecfrigo Goloso Tecfrigo Goloso £1063.52+VAT£1276.22inc VAT Tecfrigo Prisma 400 Gold Tecfrigo Prisma 400 Gold from £1198.24+VAT£1437.89inc VAT Tefrigo Prisma 800 Gold Tefrigo Prisma 800 Gold £1950.36+VAT£2340.43inc VAT Tecfrigo Prisma 800 Silver Tecfrigo Prisma 800 Silver £1959.70+VAT£2351.64inc VAT Tefcold UPD Tefcold UPD from £288.46+VAT£346.15inc VAT Trimco II Choc Trimco II Choc from £1775.90+VAT£2131.08inc VAT Trimco Zurich II Trimco Zurich II from £1718.76+VAT£2062.51inc VAT Trimco Zurich II SS Trimco Zurich II SS from £1752.40+VAT£2102.88inc VAT Trimco Zurich II SS Choc Trimco Zurich II SS Choc from £1775.20+VAT£2130.24inc VAT Trimco Zurich II Wood Trimco Zurich II Wood from £1459.00+VAT£1750.80inc VAT Trimco Zurich II Wood Choc Trimco Zurich II Wood Choc from £1799.00+VAT£2158.80inc VAT MAFIROL JA CHOCFV-VCR MAFIROL JA CHOCFV-VCR from £2599.00+VAT£3118.80inc VAT