Commercial Cake Display Fridges

As a bakery, café, corner shop, supermarket, restaurant or garden centre, you’ll know there’s one product virtually everyone finds irresistible: cake. The mere mention of the word is enough to make anyone’s mouth water, whether young or old.

Whether you produce the well-known classics – Victoria Sponges, chocolate cakes, coffee cakes, carrot cakes, cream cakes, cheesecakes or the classic lemon drizzle – or prefer the more exotic Black Forest Gateau, Red Velvet Cake or Eccles Cake, cake display fridges and counters will help you show your produce off.

They help promote impulse buys, encouraging customers to buy a slice (or, indeed, the entire cake!) after spying it through the glass.

You’ll find Fridgesmart’s range of cake display fridges and counters on this page.

Fridgesmart’s cake display fridges and cake display counters

Cake display fridges usually come with glass sides, front and top, allowing customers to browse your products before selecting the sweet joy they’ll have for lunch. It’s simple to access the cakes through the rear, so your staff can easily keep the display topped up with fresh cakes after the first batches are inevitably consumed.

With elegant designs and low-energy LED lighting, our carefully selected cake display range products are all about showcasing your baking handiwork. They’ll draw attention to your skill, meaning your carefully decorated cakes sell themselves.

Our models come in many different sizes and capacities and are specifically tailored to certain businesses and floor space areas. For example, the Framec Venere range is a great upright option, taking up minimal space. The smaller Tefcold UPV can be placed on a counter in plain sight of your customers. Then there are the more prominent display ranges, such as the ISA Millennium ST – perfect if you have an ample supply of many different cakes and desserts to sell.

All the cake display fridges and counters we sell come with measures to help you reduce your utility bills and carbon footprint, such as highly efficient EC fans and natural refrigerants.

Our models include the most well-known brands in the industry, like Tefcold, Framec, Interlevin, Tecfrigo, ISA and Blizzard.

Why Fridgesmart?

Fridgesmart is one of the UK’s leading commercial suppliers, providing our clients with the best fridges, freezers and catering equipment on the market. We were founded more than 40 years ago and have spent the past few decades building a reputation for above-and-beyond customer service.

Our team is always happy to chat through your options with you – completely commitment-free. Whether you need a cake display fridge or counter immediately or you’re just browsing, our friendly staff are always glad to offer their expertise and advice.

We hold tried-and-tested models that we’re sure will add significant value to your business. Coming from trusted brands, they’re reliable, durable and come with our complete confidence. However, we’ll also include a free warranty with every purchase for your peace of mind.

Fridgesmart is proud of our Lowest Price Guarantee. We’re a nationwide company, so we believe in having the best models for the lowest prices. Please let us know if you come across one of our cake display fridges or counters listed for less somewhere else. We’ll do everything we can to match it.

Take advantage of our next-day delivery option by ordering earlier in the day. This means you could have your cake display fridge up and running by tomorrow.

Are you interested in a new cake display fridge or counter for your business? If so, we’d love to hear from you and help you on your journey. To contact us, open the Live Chat feature below, call us on 01792 677169 or use the website’s Contact page. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.