Glass door Freezers

Tefcold NF2500G Tefcold NF2500G £1399.00+VAT£1678.80inc VAT Tefcold NF5000G-P Tefcold NF5000G-P £2095.00+VAT£2514.00inc VAT Tefcold NF7500G Tefcold NF7500G £2999.00+VAT£3598.80inc VAT Interlevin LGF2500 Interlevin LGF2500 £1525.00+VAT£1830.00inc VAT Interlevin LGF5000 Interlevin LGF5000 £2350.00+VAT£2820.00inc VAT Interlevin LGF7500 Interlevin LGF7500 £3499.00+VAT£4198.80inc VAT Framec EXPO1100NV Framec EXPO1100NV £2935.00+VAT£3522.00inc VAT NEC FV Glass Door Freezers NEC FV Glass Door Freezers from £2404.76+VAT£2885.71inc VAT Interlevin UFSC1600GCP Interlevin UFSC1600GCP £2888.50+VAT£3466.20inc VAT Tefcold UFSC370GCP Black Glass door Freezer Tefcold UFSC370GCP Black Glass door Freezer £943.94+VAT£1132.73inc VAT Tefcold UFSC370G Black Tefcold UFSC370G Black £889.50+VAT£1067.40inc VAT Tefcold UFFS370G Tefcold UFFS370G £917.78+VAT£1101.34inc VAT Crystal GDS400 Crystal GDS400 £1062.10+VAT£1274.52inc VAT Tefcold UF400VG Tefcold UF400VG from £1300.24+VAT£1560.29inc VAT Vestfrost NFG309 Vestfrost NFG309 £1373.40+VAT£1648.08inc VAT Tefcold UFG1450GCP Tefcold UFG1450GCP £1216.44+VAT£1459.73inc VAT Framec EXPO360NST Framec EXPO360NST £1420.53+VAT£1704.64inc VAT Framec EXPO430NV/500NV Framec EXPO430NV/500NV from £1763.84+VAT£2116.61inc VAT MONDIAL-ELITE ICEN40 MONDIAL-ELITE ICEN40 £1184.39+VAT£1421.27inc VAT Tefcold Callisto FH Range Tefcold Callisto FH Range from £5059.71+VAT£6071.65inc VAT Tefcold Callisto CD140 Tefcold Callisto CD140 £5805.12+VAT£6966.14inc VAT MAFIROL BA FV-BT MAFIROL BA FV-BT from £4037.80+VAT£4845.36inc VAT Fricon Combi Fricon Combi £5523.03+VAT£6627.64inc VAT Arcaboa Super ARV Range Arcaboa Super ARV Range £5980.15+VAT£7176.18inc VAT Infrico AN BT-CR Range Infrico AN BT-CR Range from £3003.82+VAT£3604.58inc VAT BF1SSCR - BF2SSCR GLASS DOOR Freezers BF1SSCR - BF2SSCR GLASS DOOR Freezers from £1547.36+VAT£1856.83inc VAT CBP172CR SINGLE GLASS DOOR HEAVY CBP172CR SINGLE GLASS DOOR HEAVY £1873.06+VAT£2247.67inc VAT CFP2144CR DOUBLE GLASS DOOR HEAVY CFP2144CR DOUBLE GLASS DOOR HEAVY £2810.89+VAT£3373.07inc VAT Framec VENERE NV Framec VENERE NV £2213.92+VAT£2656.70inc VAT Framec VENERE NS Framec VENERE NS £1992.93+VAT£2391.52inc VAT ISA Cristal Tower D Range ISA Cristal Tower D Range from £3817.59+VAT£4581.11inc VAT

Advances in technology and catering (and a change in mindsets) mean that people today buy more frozen produce than ever before. Frozen food keeps much longer than fresh alternatives, leading to more adaptability and greater convenience when cooking.

Whether you run a café, supermarket, corner shop, takeaway or restaurant, tap into this market by displaying your frozen goods in a simple, easy-to-see and easy-to-reach manner. Glass door freezers are one of the best ways to go about this. Browse Fridgesmart’s range of trusted models on this page.

What is a glass door freezer?

We hold various popular, reliable glass door freezers from Tefcold, Arcaboa, Fricon, Framec, Crystal, Vestfrost, Interlevin, and more.

A glass door freezer is an upright commercial display freezer explicitly designed to be customer-facing. It must, of course, be able to stand up to the busy hustle and bustle of everyday shoppers. The clear glass door showcases your frozen goods to everyone in your shop, allowing them to browse your products without opening it. It also assists staff in taking stock inventories. Glass door freezers are particularly popular since they have a large capacity but only a tiny footprint. For storage relative to floor space in a shop, upright glass door freezers are about the best you can get.

Businesses could choose to store any frozen goods within glass door freezers. These could include frozen fruits and vegetables, meats, fish, desserts (including ice cream) and ready meals. There’s even an emerging market for frozen pet food. Energy efficiency is essential in glass door freezers. They’re built to be opened and closed regularly – several times per minute, perhaps. An energy-efficient freezer is more environmentally-friendly and will simultaneously reduce your utility bills.

Some glass door freezers are created as standalones, but most can be placed side-by-side to create a much larger display cabinet, with one-, two- and three-door options. We also stock a few combi models, such as the Fricon Combi and Arcaboa Super ARV Range.

If you have any further questions about Fridgesmart's glass door freezer options, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the Live Chat feature. Our team will be happy to point you in the right direction, and all our chats will always be completely informal and commitment-free.

Why Fridgesmart?

Fridgesmart is an industry-leading UK-based supplier of fridges, freezers and other commercial catering equipment. We’ve been in business for more than forty years. Over the past few decades, we’ve developed a unique insight into this market, allowing us to source from only the best. We place customer support and service as our highest priority. We aim to support your business’ growth and income by providing you with high-quality solutions at the lowest prices. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from your initial informal enquiry, through the sales process, to delivery and beyond.

Every glass door freezer we supply comes with a warranty included for your peace of mind. We also run a Lowest Price Guarantee, meaning we’ll match any lower prices you might find from other companies.

If you feel a glass door freezer might benefit your business and help you turn a profit, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached through the Live Chat or the website’s Contact page. All our conversations will be completely free of any obligation – our team just wants to help.

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