Servover Counters

If you need to display your products while keeping them away from probing hands then you need a serve over counter. Serve over counter display fridges are the ideal way to present any food a restaurant, bakery or patisserie might provide.

Our range includes fresh fish serve over counters and fresh meat alternatives, both with excellent drainage capabilities and lower temperature ranges. We also stock refrigerated serve over counters for patisseries. These models typically run at higher temperature ranges to keep the pastries fresh and free of damp and even frost.

We have a wonderful array of serve over counters in a variety of sizes from Frilixa, Interlevin, & Trimco. These industry-leading manufacturers produce only the highest quality models, meaning you can be confident that every product we sell has been built to the high standards and quality that you deserve.

Whether you’re looking for a curved or flat glass model, our selection will have you covered. Simply use our secure payment portal and benefit from UK-wide next day delivery. Chat with our live support team or give us a call at 0115 9413640 if you have a question about a serve-over counter