Serve Over Counters

Part of the buying experience these days is showcasing your available food. Customers like to browse through the options they can see and select the product that catches their eye the most. This transparency reassures them that they’re receiving high-quality goods worth spending their hard-earned money on. It also keeps the public’s hands away from your food, increasing hygiene and safety.

Serve over counters are ideal for showing off refrigerated foods and ingredients like cakes, desserts, dairy products, deli meats, fresh fish and sandwiches. Whether you own a café, takeaway, butcher, supermarket, bakery, or fishmonger, these chilled units are perfect for driving impulse buys and showing your top-quality produce.

On this page, you’ll find Fridgesmart’s range of serve over counters. Learn more by clicking on each individual model.

What are serve over counters?

Serve over counters are customer-facing units carefully designed to draw people’s eyes to their contents. They’re easy to access through the back, so you and your staff can quickly pull the selected food item out, prepare it, and hand it across.

With a wide range of shapes, sizes and capacities, there’s a serve over counter to match your business’ aesthetics, needs and budget. You’ll find countertop, flat glass and curved glass options, all of which create different atmospheres and can be applied to varying situations. Shelving options are also adjustable.

With ever-rising utility costs and global warming effects, sustainability has never been so important. All Fridgesmart’s serve over counters come with high-efficiency EC fans, low-energy LEDs and natural refrigerants, helping reduce your costs and environmental impact simultaneously.

We stock models from the industry’s most well-known, trusted brands, including Blizzard, Interlevin, Tefcold, Trimco and Mafirol. Please feel free to get in touch via the Live Chat feature for more information on our range and various bespoke customisations.

Why Fridgesmart?

Fridgesmart has been at the forefront of supplying businesses with high-quality fridges, freezers, displays and other commercial equipment for more than forty years. We’ve developed a keen insight into the market and ship across the UK and Northern Europe.

At Fridgesmart, we’re proud of our next-day delivery service. All our serve over counters are integral, meaning all you have to do is plug them in. They should be ready to use soon after. As such, you may be able to have your unit up and running by tomorrow, perfect for any business in a hurry.

We also offer free, complimentary warranties on every serve over counter purchase. We don’t expect you’ll ever need to use it – all the brands we sell come with the best reputations around. We also test every model to ensure it’ll stand up to the hustle and bustle of a busy shop. Nevertheless, it’s there for you, just in case.

As a large, nationwide company, we believe in providing the best goods and the lowest prices. If you find one of our serve over counters cheaper elsewhere, let us know, and we’ll do everything we can to match it.

For more information on Fridgesmart’s serve over counters, don’t hesitate to contact us through the Contact page or Live Chat. Our friendly team is always happy to answer any questions completely obligation-free, whether you’re urgently looking for a new one or just browsing for now.

We can’t wait to hear from you!