Fruit & Veg Multidecks

Shops, stores, cafes, takeaways, and other similar businesses need their workhorse refrigeration units. The type that stands in the front-of-house and withstands the daily battering and wear-and-tear of a customer-facing role. That’s where fruit and veg multidecks come in.

Fruit and veg multidecks could be used in shops, stores, supermarkets, cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants, takeaways, etc. They’re often used to hold chilled goods, like sandwiches, cold meats, ready meals, pizzas, dairy products, fruit, veg, desserts and bottled drinks.

Combine a high-quality fruit and veg multideck with cleverly marketed trending items to boost your sales and drive your profits.

Fruit & veg multidecks from Fridgesmart

Fruit and veg multidecks have been created with both the client and the end customer in mind. They combine optimal aesthetics, size, design and lighting with large-capacity tiered shelving, allowing you to store vast amounts of attractive produce in one place. They’re either open-fronted or come with glass doors, allowing your customers to brose at their leisure.

At Fridgesmart, we hold a range of fruit and veg multidecks, most with five shelving levels. These are available in either stainless steel or slimline finishes, allowing you to choose the design that best matches your business’ aesthetic.

Since these multideck refrigerators will be directly customer-facing and have been created to be interacted with hundreds of times per day, they’re all incredibly durable and robust. They also come with many different configuration options, allowing you complete control over the customer experience you provide.

With utility prices soaring and climate change evermore impactful, energy efficiency has never been so important. To this end, all our fruit and veg multideck options come with high-efficiency EC fans, natural refrigerants and bright (but low power consuming) LEDs.

We stock models from the most reliable brands on the market, including Framec and BTD. If you’re interested in further information about a particular product, hover over the image or click on it to learn more.

Why Fridgesmart?

Since our foundation over 40 years ago, Fridgesmart has continued to develop into the nationwide company it is today. We’re a fridge, freezer and commercial catering equipment supplier across the UK and also deliver to Northern Europe.

Our customer service is second-to-none. If you want to get in touch with us for some free, no-obligation professional advice, we’d love to hear from you. Our staff will always be happy to learn about your situation and suggest real solutions that will benefit your business. 

As a UK-wide business, we’re proud to offer next-day delivery on every fruit and veg multideck we sell. Since our units are all integral (just plug them in, and away you go), you could have your new display up and running by tomorrow.

Although we don’t think you’ll ever need it, we offer a complimentary warranty with every purchase. We’re sure any fruit and veg multideck model you invest in will last you for many years without any problems, but we’ll include it for your peace of mind anyway.

If your business is looking for a new or updated fruit and veg multideck, please feel free to contact us, commitment-free. We’ll talk you through your options and explain which products might work for you. You can get a hold of us through the Live Chat feature or the website’s Contact page.

We look forward to your message.