ISA Millennium Range

The ISA Millennium Range contains several refrigeration units applicable to various businesses, uses and situations. While specifically created to hold ice cream, these display fridges could be used for other products, like pastries or cold buffet meals. Each model is carefully designed to function in the way intended. 

The display fridges included in the ISA Millennium Range intricately draw a customer’s attention to the contents, driving impulse buys and increasing sales. Storage fridges come with self-closing doors, adjustable shelves, digital temperature displays and are specifically created to be functional in the kitchen. 

On this page, you’ll find different models in the ISA Millennium Range stocked by Fridgesmart. Hover over or click on the respective images to learn more about particular models. 

What is the ISA Millennium Range?

The ISA Millennium Range is a series of refrigeration units from ISA. At Fridgesmart, we currently stock five models – the ISA Millennium LX Range, the ISA Millennium ST White Range, the ISA Super Capri Range, the ISA Labor 70 RS/RV Range, and the ISA One Show Range. 

The Millennium LX and ST White Ranges, along with the Super Capri, are ice cream display fridges capable of holding a considerable amount of Napoli pans. The high-efficiency EC fans keep the curved or flat glass cases mist-free, allowing customers to browse away. LEDs create an appealing, mouth-watering atmosphere. 

With the ISA One Show Range, you can choose two sizes. While also primarily designed to hold ice cream, it’s smaller than the other units we’ve talked about. This makes it more friendly for smaller vendors and parlours. Like them, it comes with EC fans to maintain the ice cream’s taste and texture. Optional extras include your own branding across the front. We’d recommend clear Napoli pans (purchased separately) for an optimal effect. 

Finally, the ISA Labor 70 RS/RV Range is for ice cream and gelato storage. After producing a batch, it’s the fridge you’ll use to store and temper the product until it’s ready to go on display. With the capability of holding up to 65 5-litre Napoli pans (not included), you’re sure to be prepared for the next onslaught of customers. 

Why Fridgesmart?

Fridgesmart is one of the UK’s most prominent fridge, freezer and commercial equipment suppliers. We’ve been in business for over 40 years, and with our decades of experience has come keen market insights.

At Fridgesmart, we’re all about doing everything to enhance your buying experience. Whether you’re just browsing or hurriedly searching for a new model, our team is happy to help you out completely commitment-free. For some professional advice and to talk through your situation and ask any questions, click on the Live Chat feature in your screen’s corner. We’ll get straight back to you with our suggestions, only offering genuine solutions that will help to drive sales in your business. With next-day delivery, you could have your ISA Millennium Range model up and running by tomorrow.

We have total confidence in the ISA Millennium Range and would expect it to last for many years without any trouble. However, we’ll throw in a free warranty with every purchase for your reassurance - even if we don’t expect you’ll ever need to use it. 

Fridgesmart operates a Lowest Price Guarantee. Have you found an ISA Millennium Range unit for cheaper somewhere else? Please let us know. We’ll do everything we possibly can to lower our price to match it. 

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