Blast Chillers & Blast Freezers

Blast chillers will not only lower food temperature, but also save your business money. It’s the perfect appliance for ensuring food hygiene safety and for reducing food temperatures much faster than standard commercial refrigeration to preserve finished food quality.

By cooling quickly in this way, a blast chiller ensures dishes maintain their taste, texture and nutritional value when cooled. Blast freezers keep your kitchen running smoothly and is the ideal way to meet food hygiene standards by reducing the risk of bacterial growth.

Essential in professional kitchens, our range of blast chillers and blast freezers are suitable for businesses large and small, from hotels, bars and restaurants to cafes and commercial kitchens.

We only stock best-selling international brands, including Mercatus, Studio 54, Infrico and Blizzard. As well as our best-selling Interlevin Italia Range, we stock a great range of well-constructed, reliable stainless steel units in a range of sizes, from large free-standing units to small units designed to fit under counter.

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