Blast Chillers & Blast Freezers

In the last few decades, higher food preparation and preservation standards have led to significantly improved efficiency in commercial catering environments. In these places, such as the kitchen in a restaurant, takeaway or café, chefs and kitchen attendants can get food ready in advance and chill it to serve customers later.

This process removes a little pressure from the kitchen during opening hours by having some things ready beforehand. It’s known as “blast chilling” or “blast freezing” and means the flavours and appearances can be created and set far in advance. It doesn’t take anything away from the finished product but makes eateries much more efficient.

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What do blast chillers and blast freezers do?

Blast chillers and blast freezers work by reducing food temperature much quicker than traditional fridges and freezers. The speed here is most important; it means the food doesn’t lose its flavour in the same way as a slow cooling process. It also helps maintain the texture and nutritional value ready for consumption later.

Through this safe way of planning ahead, commercial kitchens can operate more efficiently since the staff can concentrate on things happening in the moment. They’re always stressful areas, as we’re sure you’ll agree, but blast chillers and freezers help take the edge off. They also mean that customers won’t have to wait quite as long for a meal, building a good consumer relationship and reputation.

As well as freeing up time in the kitchen, blast chillers and freezers comply with food hygiene standards by minimising the risk of bacterial growth. You can pop your food in ready for later, knowing it won’t go bad. A blast chiller or blast freezer is a must for any catering business, whether large or small: restaurants, cafes, catering companies, pubs, bars and hotels will all find one invaluable.

At Fridgesmart, we only stock the best brands – blast chillers and freezers we know, believe in and trust. These include Tefcold, Blizzard, Studio 54, and the ever-popular Interlevin Italia range.

Blast chillers and blast freezers from Fridgesmart

Fridgesmart was initially founded over 40 years ago with one key thing in mind: customer service. We always strive to go above and beyond in how we look after you, with top quality assistants helping you every step of the way. This includes before you buy anything and long after you receive your blast chiller or freezer! If you’d like to get more information about blast chillers or blast freezers straight from one of our knowledgeable staff, check out the Live Chat function. This will connect you directly to one of our employees who can answer all your questions completely obligation-free!

We’re confident that every blast chiller and blast freezer we supply will serve you well for a long time. They’re all from well-known, popular brands and have been tried and tested. However, we’ll still throw a warranty in with your purchase for your peace of mind. On top of all this, we operate a lowest price guarantee. We’re always striving to have the best products for the cheapest costs, so if you come across one of our blast chillers or freezers listed at a lower price somewhere else, please let us know! We’ll do all we can to match it.

Could your commercial kitchen or hospitality business use a blast chiller or freezer? Perhaps your current model could do with an upgrade? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or the Live Chat. We’ll be happy to help you as best we can.