Glass Front Fridges

Framec Expo 500PT Framec Expo 500PT £1080.14+VAT£1296.17inc VAT Interlevin EC10h Interlevin EC10h £419.72+VAT£503.66inc VAT Interlevin EC20 Interlevin EC20 from £504.90+VAT£605.88inc VAT Interlevin EC30H Interlevin EC30H £673.76+VAT£808.51inc VAT Interlevin LGC Range Interlevin LGC Range from £785.00+VAT£942.00inc VAT Interlevin PD Upright Interlevin PD Upright from £605.00+VAT£726.00inc VAT Interlevin PD10 Interlevin PD10 £354.80+VAT£425.76inc VATwas £376.70inc VAT£313.92+VAT
Special Offer
Interlevin PD10H Stainless Interlevin PD10H Stainless £511.56+VAT£613.87inc VAT Interlevin PD20 Interlevin PD20 from £435.24+VAT£522.29inc VAT Interlevin PD20H Stainless Interlevin PD20H Stainless £635.20+VAT£762.24inc VAT Interlevin PD30 Interlevin PD30 from £560.76+VAT£672.91inc VAT Interlevin PD30H Stainless Interlevin PD30H Stainless £803.84+VAT£964.61inc VAT Interlevin WL Wine Fridges Interlevin WL Wine Fridges from £5589.16+VAT£6706.99inc VAT Super Sunny 14 with doors Super Sunny 14 with doors from £1879.40+VAT£2255.28inc VAT Staycold SD Sliding Door Range Staycold SD Sliding Door Range from £995.84+VAT£1195.01inc VAT Staycold HD Hinged Range Staycold HD Hinged Range from £914.44+VAT£1097.33inc VAT Tefcold BA05 Tefcold BA05 £325.56+VAT£390.67inc VAT Tefcold BA10 Tefcold BA10 £318.90+VAT£382.68inc VAT Tefcold BA20 Tefcold BA20 from £443.16+VAT£531.79inc VAT Tefcold BA25 Tefcold BA25 from £517.02+VAT£620.42inc VAT Tefcold BC Range Tefcold BC Range from £219.56+VAT£263.47inc VAT Tefcold BC145 Tefcold BC145 £280.92+VAT£337.10inc VAT Tefcold BC85 Range Tefcold BC85 Range £234.62+VAT£281.54inc VAT Tefcold FS80CP Tefcold FS80CP £330.10+VAT£396.12inc VAT Tefcold FSC H Hinged Range Tefcold FSC H Hinged Range £1071.14+VAT£1285.37inc VAT Tefcold  FSC S sliding Door Tefcold FSC S sliding Door £1095.00+VAT£1314.00inc VAT Tefcold SC85 Tefcold SC85 £273.82+VAT£328.58inc VAT Tefcold TFW160S Tefcold TFW160S £477.38+VAT£572.86inc VAT Tefcold TFW365-2 Tefcold TFW365-2 £842.56+VAT£1011.07inc VAT Tefcold TFW375 Tefcold TFW375 £767.54+VAT£921.05inc VAT Tefcold TFW80S Tefcold TFW80S £345.58+VAT£414.70inc VAT Tefcold TMG Tefcold TMG from £184.36+VAT£221.23inc VAT Tecfrigo Prisma 400 Gold Tecfrigo Prisma 400 Gold from £1293.72+VAT£1552.46inc VAT Tecfrigo 400 Prisma Silver Tecfrigo 400 Prisma Silver from £1222.96+VAT£1467.55inc VAT Tecfrigo Continental 350 Tecfrigo Continental 350 from £1303.02+VAT£1563.62inc VAT Tefrigo Prisma 800 Gold Tefrigo Prisma 800 Gold £2158.96+VAT£2590.75inc VAT Tecfrigo Prisma 800 Silver Tecfrigo Prisma 800 Silver £2110.98+VAT£2533.18inc VAT Tecfrigo Continental 700 Tecfrigo Continental 700 £2138.52+VAT£2566.22inc VAT

We stock a great range of glass front fridges to suit any business, including upright chillers, under counter fridges, and much more. Our products come in different styles, shapes and sizes, including single, double and triple door models, and we won't be beaten on price.

We've got a wide selection of glass door fridges from the industry's leading brands, including Caravell, Interlevin, Staycold, Tefcold and Tecfrigo. Check out our full range of glass door products above.

Whatever your business, we have a glass front fridge that meets your requirements. For bars, cafes, and restaurants, we stock under counter fridges with glass doors like the Interlevin EC10H Bar Fridge. Our small glass front fridges such as the Tefcold TMG are perfect for use as mini bars in hotel rooms. If you're looking for something larger for your shop or cafe, we sell full-height drinks fridges with glass doors like the Caravell CBC603 Bottle Cooler.

All our fridges are sold through a secure online payment portal to give you peace of mind. Our customer service and reputation has been built up over 40 years in business, so whatever your business, or whatever your need, we've got the products available and in stock, ready for delivery anywhere in the UK. Check out our recent install here.