Glass Front Fridges

Today’s catering world, in general, is all about how fast a customer can get something. Nowhere is this more evident than in food and drink retail, where people expect to be in and out as quickly as possible.

Glass front fridges have been designed to accommodate this trend. Customers to your supermarket, restaurant, café, takeaway, pub, bar, hotel, cinema or retail store will simply glance through the products showcased, choose an item, and pay for it. Promoting easier shopping and impulse buys will increase your sales and, therefore, profits.

Most of our clients use glass front fridges to stock cold beverages like bottled water, beers, wines, fizzy drinks and juices. However, they could also hold freshly prepared sandwiches, platters, dairy products, meats, salads, and more.

Glass front fridges can benefit any business. See Fridgesmart’s range below.

What is a glass front fridge?

A glass front fridge has at least one clear door to allow customers to browse without opening it. They’re specifically designed to promote impulse purchases through clever aesthetics and low-energy LED lighting. Packing them with cleverly marketed products will mean they sell themselves.

There are many different types of glass front fridges in our range, such as 1-, 2- and 3-door models of varying capacities and styles. Many are created explicitly with drinks in mind and adjustable shelving options to hold bottles in eye-catching and appealing positions. You’ll find many smaller models designed for counter top or under counter use, too.

Our stock also includes glass display cabinets. These also keep their contents chilled, maintaining food hygiene, taste and texture.

Most glass front fridges can come bespoke, tailored directly to your business, products and needs. If you’d like more information on these options, please contact one of our representatives. They’ll be glad to walk you through the choices we have available.

Fridgesmart’s range of glass front fridges includes the industry’s most well-known and respected brands, like Interlevin, Tefcold, Stay Cold and Framec.

How Fridgesmart can help

Fridgesmart has been at the forefront of the commercial catering industry for more than 40 years. We’re UK-wide suppliers of fridges, freezers and other catering equipment to businesses large and small, also delivering to Northern Europe.

Our company is founded on the principle of customer support and service. We go above and beyond in helping anyone who comes our way. The professional, experienced expertise our staff have developed is second to none and available for free through the Live Chat feature in the corner of your screen. We’ll also assist any of our previous clients in whatever way we can – even if their warranty has expired.

The warranty in question is issued – also for free – with every purchase. Our range of glass front fridges are tried and tested, coming from trustworthy brands, so we don’t expect that you’ll ever need to use it. However, we throw it in to show you our confidence in these models.

Do you urgently need a new glass front fridge? Then why not take advantage of our next-day delivery system? Our refrigerators and display cabinets are integral, meaning you’ll simply plug them in, and they’ll be ready to go in no time.

For more information on glass front fridges and how they might benefit your business, contact us through the website or the Live Chat feature to discuss your options. We’re committed to offering unbiased, experienced and practical advice to anyone and everyone who needs it. We’ll only recommend products we genuinely believe will positively impact your sales.

We look forward to your message.