Display Cabinets

Using a well-designed display cabinet to show off your or your suppliers’ extraordinary baking talents is a fantastic way to encourage impulse buys.

On this page, you’ll find Fridgesmart’s range of fridge display cabinets. Browse through them by hovering over the individual products or clicking on them for more details.

Fridge display cabinets from Fridgesmart

All our display cabinets come with efficient fan-assisted cooling systems with hygiene and food safety standards in mind. These maintain a sufficiently low ambient temperature within the display and minimise humidity, keeping the desserts safe (and tempting) for customers. The same cooling aspects also preserve a cake’s texture much longer.

Most come with varying lighting options and adjustable wire, glass or rotating shelving, with castors underneath to make them easier to manoeuvre around if necessary.

These days, with rising tariffs and awareness of climate change, energy efficiency is critical. As such, Fridgesmart’s display cabinets come with environmentally-friendly EC fans that use minimal electricity and natural refrigerants. These help keep your utility bills low, too. You’ll find defrost and cleaning drains underneath, with some premium models coming with heated, double-glazed glass. This stops almost all condensation build-up.

The size and capacity of a display cabinet is also something to consider. These are upright models, so they have minimal footprints and take up only a tiny amount of floor space. However, the best model for you will hold precisely the right number of desserts: not too many and not too few. By getting this right, you won’t have to throw much away at the end of the day while making as much money as possible. We also stock a couple of round display cabinets, which may work better with your workplace’s aesthetics.

Our selection of top-quality models from well-known brands like Framec and Tefcold are tried and tested. We’re sure they’ll add significant value to your business or shop.

Why Fridgesmart?

Fridgesmart is the UK’s leading supplier of fridges, freezers, and other commercial catering equipment like cake display cabinets. Founded over forty years ago, we’ve spent decades familiarising ourselves with the market and know it inside out.

We only stock cake display cabinets from the most reliable brands. Although we’ll issue a free warranty with every purchase, we don’t expect you’ll ever need to use it. That being said, please do get back in touch with us if you hit any problems, even if it’s years after your purchase. Our dedicated customer service team will do all they can to help our previous clients.

As a nationwide company, Fridgesmart offers next-day delivery and a Lowest Price Guarantee. If you notice one of our cake display cabinets listed for less somewhere else, please contact us. Our staff will do everything they can to lower our price to match it.

If you think a cake display cabinet could benefit your business, you’re welcome to get in touch with us – commitment-free. Even if you’re just thinking the idea through, we’ll still be happy to offer our advice and talk through your situation. We’ll always only suggest products we genuinely believe will help you increase your sales and grow your organisation.

To contact us, use the Live Chat feature in the corner of your screen, or find our details through the Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.