Why do I need a wine fridge?

Wine fridges allow the temperature of wine to remain constant and remove the harmful effects UV light can have on fine wine. They are also specially designed with charcoal filters to stop smells and other contaminants from affecting the taste.

Wine fridges offer ideal storage of premium wines for prolonged periods of time. Using a wine chiller means you can offer customers the best experience, with the temperature of your wine better stabilised than if it was in a standard commercial refrigeration cabinet. 

What kind of wine chillers do I need for my restaurant?

Fridgesmart offers a wide selection of commercial wine chiller and wine cooler fridges. As a leading supplier of commercial refrigeration products to restaurants, bars and cafes across the UK, Fridgesmart stocks a variety of brands and models of coolers to meet your every wine refrigerator need.

For smaller kitchens or restaurants, an upright under-counter wine fridge might be suitable like our Interlevin range. Alternatively, if you hold a large stock of wine, a single large wine chiller like our Tefcold would suit your catering facility better. Our upright freestanding wine fridges and under-counter wine coolers are available at unbeatable prices. 

How many bottles can a wine chiller hold?

We offer wine chiller cabinets with a range of bottle capacities. For example, the Tefcold TFW375s wine fridge holds up to 166 bottle - with the money you'll save you'll be able to open a nice bottle yourself to celebrate! Or if you want something slightly smaller, you could opt for the upright TFW160 frameless wine fridge with a capacity for 42 bottles.

Why not invest in two wine fridges for your business? With a smaller single wine cooler cabinet beneath the bar and a larger wine chiller within the kitchen, you can ensure all your bottles remain in optimum refrigeration. 

What temperature should wine be chilled at?

Aside from being displayed attractively, we understand that wine must always be kept in the proper environment and at the correct temperature of refrigeration. We’ve therefore ensured that our range of wine chillers are both stylish, with stainless steel finishes and glass doors, and offer varying temperature zones to keep our clients’ wines in optimal conditions.

Our TFW375 wine fridge cabinet, for example, provides an adjustable temperature to accommodate for white, red or sparkling bottles. With LED lighting and beautiful wooden shelves, the wine chiller also provides a view and ambience to any commercial setting. 

It’s also important for a wine fridge to have UV protection, a feature not available in a typical fridge. This avoids the wine from becoming spoiled by the Sun’s UV rays, such as through a window in a cafe or restaurant. Moreover, charcoal filters inside wine fridges prevent odours from the kitchen from seeping into the wine and ruining it. Any area where fish is often prepared is likely to affect the quality of wine, which is why we stock wine fridges with built-in charcoal filters.

What can I store in an under-counter wine fridge?

For those not in need of a large wine chiller, an under-counter cabinet can be an excellent alternative. With LED lighting also offered, alongside tinted glass doors, adjustable shelves and curved profile doors, this wine fridge appliance makes a fantastic addition to trendy bars or licensed shops. Rather than constantly chasing to the kitchen refrigerator, why not save yourself time and simply install an under-counter wine fridge at your convenience. 

We pride ourselves on offering the biggest brand names at the lowest possible prices, so you’re sure to find the right wine fridge for your needs. We can also deliver your brand new wine chiller fridge to anywhere in the UK in just a matter of days. 

If you have any questions about our products, please give us a call on 0115 9413640