Wine has been one of the world’s most popular and widely consumed alcoholic drinks of all time. Today’s no different, with individuals from all walks of life regularly heading out to pubs, bars and restaurants or purchasing a bottle to take home for an evening with family and friends.

To successfully turn a profit from wine sales, the first step is bringing in the most popular good-quality brands. Once you have your stock, it’s crucial to showcase them in the best light, driving impulse purchases and increasing sales.

That’s where Fridgesmart’s range of commercial wine chiller fridges and wine cooler fridges can come in handy. Browse our stock on this page by hovering over or clicking on each individual product.

What are commercial wine chiller fridges and wine cooler fridges?

Commercial wine chillers and coolers are display fridges designed to showcase your well-known, attractive bottles of white wine, rose, champagne and prosecco. And while it goes against tradition, demand for chilled red wine is also on the rise, so there’s plenty of room for the odd bottle of Merlot or Malbec, too. 

Customers these days generally know what they want and often stick with the same drink  throughout the night once they’ve settled on a favourite. Commercial wine fridges and chillers are specifically created to blend into your business aesthetic to encourage them to responsibly indulge in the wines you’re selling. They come with dark, bold, fashionable designs that employ environmentally friendly LEDs to subtly highlight the carefully crafted bottles and well-marketed brands.

In our range, including top brands like Tefcold, Infrico, Blizzard, Gemm and Vestfrost, you’ll find sizes, capacities, designs and budgets to suit all businesses and uses. Most models are freestanding and upright, but we also stock units designed for under counter or countertop use.

To reduce bills and environmental impact, commercial wine chiller and wine cooler fridges come with the latest sustainable technologies, including natural refrigerants and high-efficiency LEDs. 

Drop us a message for any more information on bespoke options that can be tailored to your needs. We’ll do some checks and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Why Fridgesmart?

Fridgesmart has been at the forefront of supplying catering businesses up and down the country for the last 40 years. We’re highly experienced fridge, freezer and other equipment suppliers, also regularly shipping our range across to Northern Europe. 

On top of our industry-leading prices, we also offer a wide range of freebies, extras and add-ons to make your entire experience beneficial and productive. These include next-day delivery, our Lowest Price Guarantee, and the complimentary warranty we’ll throw in with every wine chiller or cooler fridge purchase.

Fridgesmart is committed to helping your business grow. To take advantage of our free professional advice, simply get in touch with us! We don’t charge anything at all. Our team is always happy to have a friendly chat where they’ll recommend innovative solutions that have real potential. All our conversations are entirely obligation-free, so there’s no need to worry if you’re just browsing. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you on your journey!