Static Cooling Ice Cream Freezers

From early spring to mid-autumn, ice cream sales peak as people turn to the cold snacks for a momentary respite from the blazing heat and suffocating humidity. The dessert continues to be sold throughout the rest of the year, too, as increased demand has led to more availability. When a customer buys ice cream – especially scooped and ready to eat in a cone or tub – it’s more often than not an impulse buy. To make the most of the high demand for premium, fresh ice cream, a static cooling ice cream freezer could be what you need.

These display freezers showcase the various flavours and colours you have on offer, helping them look as appealing to the eye as possible (and therefore meaning you sell as much as you can).

More information about static cooling ice cream freezers

A static cooling ice cream freezer stores your ice cream products at the perfect temperature. They’re designed explicitly with vast storage spaces, meaning you can keep top-up stock ready on hand. Most importantly, the clear lids (which come in a massive range of different designs) showcase your attractive ice creams to the lustful gaze of a customer.

Static cooling ice cream freezers come in varying shapes, sizes and designs. There are models to suit all budgets and capacity requirements. For example, the Framec Mini Cream 2V Ice Cream Freezer is small enough to hold just two 5ltr Napoli pans. In contrast, some of our larger models can display 13 or more.

All our static cooling freezers are as energy efficient as possible, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and pay less on your electricity bill. We currently stock many different static cooling ice cream freezers, including the Tefcold, Framec, Athena, Eskimo, ISA, Venus, Crystal and Eline brands.

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Our line of static cooling ice cream freezers come from some of the best brands in the business. We’ve been supplying them for many years and are convinced that every single product we sell is top quality. In fact, we’ll even hand you an included warranty if you buy from us to prove how sure we are that these freezers will do the job. We’ve built our company around you, the customer, and are proud of our customer service record. We offer unparalleled support throughout your entire buying process, including aftersales help. As well as this, we can provide an obligation-free chat if you just want to test the waters or discuss your options.

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