Shelf Top Fridges

Sometimes, it’s crucial to showcase the ingredients you place in food. Customers like to see their orders being created before them, so highlighting the fresh, attractive options you have on offer is a must.

That’s where shelf top fridges come in. These are simple, flat display refrigerators designed to show your ingredients off. For example, in a café or sandwich shop, you may like to line up the various fillings. Takeaways, kebab shops or pizza shops may fill a display with toppings, sauces, vegetables or cold meats. There’s a shelf top fridge out there for you, no matter your business.

You’ll find Fridgesmart’s range of shelf top fridges on this page.

Shelf Top Fridges from Fridgesmart

Shelf top fridges combine pleasant design features with practicality. They allow staff to reach ingredients quickly using tongs or a gloved hand, improving efficiency and driving customer impulse buys.

With a few different aesthetics available, we have shelf top fridges to meet the needs and budgets of any food preparation business, including cafes, takeaways, commercial kitchens and restaurants.

These days, finding energy-efficient refrigeration units is increasingly essential, as we see rising utility costs and the ever-present effects of climate change. To assist you in simultaneously reducing your bills and carbon footprint, our shelf top fridges come with low-energy EC fans and natural refrigerants.

All our models are integral. All you need to do to get up and running is plug them into the wall. Allow a short time for the ambient temperature to fall and settle, and away you go. There’s no complicated setup to worry about.

At Fridgesmart, we stock shelf top fridges from the most trusted brands, such as Interlevin and Tefcold. They’re specifically created to stand up to the busy buzz of regular service, and we’d expect them to last many years without any problems.

Why Fridgesmart?

For over forty years, Fridgesmart has been one of the most prominent UK suppliers of fridges, freezers and other commercial equipment. We deliver across the entire country and also regularly ship to Northern Europe.

Our market expertise is second-to-none and available to you for free. Whether you’re in dire need of a brand-new shelf top fridge or just browsing, why not check out our Live Chat? One of our team will be glad and willing to offer their professional advice completely obligation-free, showing you our commitment to helping your business grow.

Our next-day delivery service is always available across the UK. This is particularly relevant for shops and takeaways that urgently need a new shelf top fridge. Order it in time, and we can have it on your premises and up and running by tomorrow. We’ll also throw in a complimentary warranty for your peace of mind.

Fridgesmart also offers a Lowest Price Guarantee. If you find one of our shelf top fridges listed cheaper somewhere else, get in touch with us. We’ll do everything we can to drop our price and match it.

Does your business need a new shelf top fridge? Get in touch with us through the Contact page or Live Chat feature for any more information or to enquire about bespoke options. Our staff are always happy to help anyone and will only recommend products they truly believe will have a positive effect on your sales.

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