Under Counter Ice Cream Freezers

Whether it’s a bricklayer labouring in the scorching sun or a child shaping sandcastles, ice cream still takes centre stage in today’s summers. It carries an aura reminding us all of our outings to the seaside or the sound of the local ice cream van coming up the road. For cafés, shops and, of course, ice cream parlours, the national love of ice cream presents an excellent target market.

Designed to promote impulse buying, these freezers can be filled with brightly-coloured ice creams which catch customers’ eyes. The more attractive an under counter ice cream freezer looks, the more enticing it might be to your shop’s visitors. That’s why it’s crucial to get the best under counter ice cream freezer to match your business’s aesthetic.

Under Counter Ice Cream Freezers from Fridgesmart

When it comes to under counter ice cream freezers from Fridgesmart, we have a couple of options available. Of course, the right one for you depends on a few factors. How much space do you need? Should customers have a clear view of the ice cream? What voltage should the freezer use?

Currently, we have two great options: the Vestfrost TG3 and the Framec Mini Cream. These under counter ice cream freezers suit all budgets. They can be specifically tailored to your business and how you plan to use them. Both are conveniently sized and perfect for smaller operations. Alternatively, for larger parlours, a number of them could be combined, allowing you to switch specific sections on or off at any given moment, saving electricity. They can also be easily rearranged or completely moved around the shop, and transporting them is considerably more manageable than a full-size ice cream freezer.

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Why Fridgesmart?

Here at Fridgesmart, we’re the leading national supplier of commercial freezers, fridges and other catering equipment. After over 40 years in business, we’ve worked hard to build a reputation of fast, helpful customer service – for example, check out our free-to-use live support chat.

As a well-known commercial supplier, we’re able to provide our customers with freezers and fridges of the highest quality for the lowest prices. In fact, we’re so committed to this that we refuse to be beaten on price – by anyone! If you find one of our under counter ice cream freezers listed for a lower amount somewhere else, we’ll do all we possibly can to reduce our price even more. Both the under counter ice cream freezers we sell are products we believe in. They’re tried, tested and reliable and come to you with warranties straight from us as evidence of our conviction. If you’re ever unhappy with anything, we provide exceptional aftersales support and are always keen to help you out.

Would an under counter ice cream freezer benefit your ice cream parlour or café? If ‘yes’ – or even if you’d like to have a no-obligation chat through your situation and options – you’d be very welcome to get in touch with us through the Contact page or the Live Chat function to the right of the screen.