Blast Freezers

It’s not always possible to prepare everything to order during busy dinner services or an intense lunchtime rush. Sometimes, meals and ready-to-cook ingredients need to be prepared in advance.

One of the best solutions for this is a blast freezer. This is specifically designed to reduce food’s temperature quickly by rapidly blowing cold air across it. By bringing the temperature down in such a short period, the flavour, texture and hygiene get locked in. Blast freezers are a must in any commercial kitchen and can be found in most restaurants, cafes, takeaways, hotels, resorts and canteens.

What is a blast freezer?

Blast freezers preserve food – sometimes ingredients, and occasionally pre-cooked meals. They most regularly contain fresh produce (keeping it from going off) like fruits and vegetables, delicate meats and fish, ice cream and pre-cooked meals. They are different from regular freezers in that their primary function is to reduce the food’s temperature as fast as possible. In contrast, most standard freezers aim to hold and maintain a low temperature.

Blast freezing ingredients and pre-cooked meals make for a much more efficient service and a less complicated inventory. By having meals prepared in advance, a significant amount of pressure can be taken off the chefs’ and cooks’ shoulders, while blast freezing fresh products means they last as long as you need. Before ordering a blast freezer, consider the right one for your needs. Ensure it’ll fit in your kitchen and that there’s enough space for all the produce you need to store in it. Compact models are available. Other things to think about include shelving options and cost.

The blast freezers we stock at Fridgesmart can be plugged in and put to work almost straight away, integrating seamlessly into your working environment. With models to suit all budgets, dimensions and capacities, we’ve got a wide range of options to suit your business’ needs. We hold blast freezers produced only by well-known, respected brands, including Interlevin, Tefcold, Studio 54 and Blizzard.

Why Fridgesmart?

Fridgesmart has supplied UK catering businesses with fridges, freezers and other commercial equipment for over forty years. With this experience, we’ve developed an expert understanding of the industry, including what products are best for which businesses.

We’re fully committed to providing you with an outstanding customer experience. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you completely obligation-free. To make the most of this, why not open a Live Chat window with one of us (see the corner of your screen)? We’ll be sure to give you an open and honest opinion as to what’s genuinely best for you. Every blast freezer we supply comes with a warranty included for your peace of mind. After your purchase, you can expect next-day delivery, so it could be up and running by tomorrow evening.

Finally, we’re committed to being the UK’s best supplier, bringing the highest quality products for the lowest costs to you. As part of this, we offer a lowest price guarantee. That means that if you find one of our blast freezers cheaper elsewhere, let us know, and we’ll do everything we can to bring our price down to match it.

For any more questions about blast freezers or to get in touch with one of us, feel free to use either the Live Chat feature or the Contact page. A member of our cheerful, expert staff will get back to you in no time.

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