Mobile Ice Cream Freezers

Do you have a mobile ice cream selling business? Thinking of setting one up when the hot days start rolling in this summer? Then a mobile ice cream freezer is a must-have.

A little like an ice cream van but with far fewer start-up costs, a mobile ice cream freezer should represent the pinnacle of impulse buying. Most (including those we sell) are specifically designed to be mounted on a small trailer and towed by a tricycle (or sometimes a bicycle or car). You then tow them out to a busy market square with your own branding and unique selling points and let the customers come to you.

For mobile ice cream freezers, the target market could be pretty much anyone and everyone. When it’s 30 degrees outside and the sun’s blazing down, we Brits simply don’t know how to cope. It’s too hot inside, and we long for anything to cool us down. If we saw a mobile ice cream seller, any one of us would be tempted to run to it for a brief respite from the summer rays. Whether young or old, resident or tourist, employee or employer, ice cream appeals to most of us. One of the best ways to get a foothold in this business is with a quality mobile ice cream freezer.

What to look for in a mobile ice cream freezer

Mobile ice cream freezers should be built differently from standard freezers. For one, they should be battery-powered – there usually aren’t many commercial plug sockets in outdoor spaces! The battery should last at least several hours, giving you as much time as possible to sell while it’s still sunny.

When you arrive and get set up for the day, you don’t want to wait for a little while as the gases settle. This is another reason why it’s basically impossible to use a standard freezer to sell ice cream outdoors. Finally, a mobile ice cream freezer should be as close as possible to the exact size you need. Too big, and you’ll need more electricity to keep the space cold while not selling so much. Too small, and you’ll limit how much ice cream you can sell.

At Fridgesmart, we sell Elcold mobile ice cream freezers. In our experience, these offer the best mix of practicality, affordability and reliability – everything you want for a mobile ice cream business. The Elcold Mobilux 21 is slightly larger than the Mobilux 11 Combi, but we highly recommend both. The purchase of trikes is also a great optional extra if you’re looking for one, and we’re proud to work alongside the Cargo Bike Company in this regard.

For more information and to have an informal chat about which mobile ice cream freezer is best for you, use the Live Chat function to get in touch.

Why Fridgesmart?

Fridgesmart has over 40 years of experience delivering industry-leading commercial fridges and freezers to restaurants, cafés, shops, ice cream parlours, and more. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you, the customer, feel reassured and confident in your purchase. That’s why we offer unparalleled after-sales support and warranties on everything you buy.

All the mobile ice cream freezers we sell are products we would personally endorse and recommend. We don’t sell anything we consider below standard, representing how we care for your continued success in the industry. If you find a mobile ice cream freezer somewhere else listed for a lower amount, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. We always strive to be the most affordable supplier of catering equipment as well as the most dependable.

Interested in purchasing one of our mobile ice cream freezers? Get in touch with us easily through the Live Chat window or the Contact page of our website. All our conversations will, of course, be completely obligation-free – our representatives will be happy to help you regardless.