Impulse Open Freezers

Many customers see the advantage of purchasing frozen food these days. It keeps much longer, creating more flexibility around when to cook and what ingredients to use. This change has been fuelled by advances in the refrigeration and freezer sectors, effectively giving people the tools they need to make their meals easier.

Whether frozen vegetables or meats, fruit or fish, or ice cream or other desserts, food and ingredients kept in cold storage are increasingly popular.

As a business owner, this boom is something worth capitalising on. As more and more gravitate towards the freezer aisles and sections of your shop, increasing the quantity of frozen produce you stock is a logical step to meet this demand.

Impulse open freezers are one way you could go about this. Browse Fridgesmart’s range below.

Fridgesmart’s impulse open freezers

Impulse open freezers are all about encouraging spur-of-the-moment purchases. They are directly accessible by customers since they have no top. Panoramic glass around the edges creates the ultimate impulse-buy attraction. Couple this with cleverly marketed products and promotional offers to really get the most out of it.

As a relatively large unit, an impulse open freezer is situated on lockable castors. These make it considerably easier to manoeuvre around your shop or store, giving you time to find the optimal position.

Energy efficiency is always crucial for reducing your carbon footprint and utility bills. As such, the impulse open freezers we stock come with highly efficient EC fans and the latest cooling technology.

Fridgesmart stocks models from Tefcold and Artemis; tried and tested brands that we believe will bring the most success to your organisation. The Artemis Range comes in one of two sizes, giving business owners the perfect opportunity to choose precisely what’s best.

Why Fridgesmart?

For more than 40 years, Fridgesmart has been developing into a nationwide supplier of fridges, freezers and commercial catering equipment. Our founding philosophy has always been to give our customers the best experience possible, which we still aspire to.

As a large company spanning the UK, we believe in supplying the best impulse open freezers for the lowest prices. As such, Fridgesmart operates a Lowest Price Guarantee. If you find one of our products listed for less somewhere else, please contact us. Our team will do all they can to reduce our price to match it.

Do you need an impulse open freezer tomorrow? Then we have good news. Our products can be shipped with next-day delivery. Since many simply need to be plugged in and left for a few hours, your freezer could be ready for use by tomorrow afternoon or evening.

We’re completely confident in every freezer we supply. However, we include warranties (for free) with every purchase for your peace of mind. Even if it’s expired and it’s years down the line, we encourage our past customers to contact us if they run into any problems. Our friendly staff will always do their best to help.

If an impulse open freezer would benefit your shop, café, parlour or retail store, why not contact us for a commitment-free chat about your needs? Our team will only recommend products that we think will genuinely add value to your organisation. Get in touch with us through the Live Chat feature or click on the Contact page to speak with one of us.

We look forward to hearing from you.