Bottle Coolers & Undercounter Bottle Fridges

Keeping customers’ drinks cool and ready for them to enjoy is vital to enhancing your profits. Those well-known advertisements of chilled glass bottles with a single drip trickling down drive sales for a reason: people like cold drinks.

After a long, hard week at the workplace, many people look forward to a chilled wine or prosecco, beer or cider, smoothie, premium soft drink, or even simply water. Stocking these products in an appealing way encourages your customers to spend their hard-earned money on a well-deserved and refreshing beverage.
Bottle coolers and undercounter bottle fridges are perfect for any business selling cool drinks, such as pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, commercial kitchens, canteens, plazas and hotels.

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Bottle coolers and undercounter bottle fridges from Fridgesmart

Bottle coolers and fridges are designed to hold and display drinks, promoting customer impulse buys. The transparent doors allow individuals to browse the available options before choosing one. Combine these fridges with cleverly marketed and designed bottles, and they’ll sell themselves.

They come in many sizes, capacities and colours. Some have optional extras like rollers or castors, making it much easier to move around your store (for example, the Tefcold FSC175H, or the Interlevin LGC Range). You’ll find most bottle coolers coming with adjustable feet.

Undercounter bottle fridges are, of course, smaller. They’re much easier to move around and are great to place near a checkout till or use as a prep fridge in the kitchen. The trade-off is internal capacity, which is much smaller.

These days, with rising utility bills and increasingly worrying global warming, energy efficiency is paramount. To this end, all our bottle fridges come with modern EC fans and environmentally-friendly refrigerants.

We stock models to fit all budgets, floor spaces and uses (front-of-house vs kitchen) from well-known, reliable brands including Interlevin and Tefcold.

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Why Fridgesmart?
Founded more than forty years ago, Fridgesmart is one of the UK’s most experienced suppliers of fridges, freezers and other commercial catering equipment.

All the bottle coolers and undercounter bottle fridges we feature come from companies we know well and trust absolutely. We expect them to give you many years of reliable service. Nevertheless, for your peace of mind, we’ll issue a warranty – for free – with every purchase.

We’re proud of the products we showcase and always aim to have the best units for the lowest prices. As such, we have a Lowest Price Guarantee. If you find one of our bottle coolers or undercounter bottle fridges for less elsewhere, drop us a message or give us a call. We’ll do all we can to match it.

Do you need a new or updated bottle fridge urgently? Fridgesmart offers next-day delivery, meaning your cooler could be up-and-running and in use by tomorrow evening. If you’d prefer to take your time carefully browsing through your options, we’ll be happy to offer our optional assistance. Check out the Live Chat in the corner of your screen, or use the Contact page to get in touch with us.

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