Catering Salad And Pizza Fridge

Interlevin ESL Interlevin ESL from £531.00+VAT£637.20inc VAT Interlevin ESS1365 Interlevin ESS1365 £825.00+VAT£990.00inc VAT Interlevin ESS900 Interlevin ESS900 £528.00+VAT£633.60inc VAT Interlevin ESA Interlevin ESA from £519.22+VAT£623.06inc VAT Interlevin EPI900 Interlevin EPI900 £549.00+VAT£658.80inc VAT Interlevin EPI1365G Interlevin EPI1365G £809.76+VAT£971.71inc VAT Interlevin EPI2010 Interlevin EPI2010 £1954.20+VAT£2345.04inc VAT Tefcold SA910B Tefcold SA910B £612.27+VAT£734.72inc VAT Tefcold SA1365B Tefcold SA1365B £954.23+VAT£1145.08inc VAT Tefcold SA B Range Tefcold SA B Range from £634.52+VAT£761.42inc VAT Interlevin PH Range Interlevin PH Range from £718.00+VAT£861.60inc VAT Tefcold Gastro-Line CKB Range Tefcold Gastro-Line CKB Range from £904.90+VAT£1085.88inc VAT Interlevin Italia TF Range Interlevin Italia TF Range from £954.82+VAT£1145.78inc VATwas £1054.10inc VAT£878.42+VAT
Special Offer
Mercatus L2 Mercatus L2 from £1321.08+VAT£1585.30inc VAT Mercatus U1 Mercatus U1 from £1312.96+VAT£1575.55inc VAT Tefcold Uni-Drawer Range Tefcold Uni-Drawer Range from £983.29+VAT£1179.95inc VAT Tefcold Gastro-Line PT Tefcold Gastro-Line PT from £1633.22+VAT£1959.86inc VAT Mercatus S1 Pizza Prep Mercatus S1 Pizza Prep from £1796.84+VAT£2156.21inc VAT Tefcold Gastro-Line SS-P Range Tefcold Gastro-Line SS-P Range from £1227.36+VAT£1472.83inc VAT BCC PREPGRANITE-ECO BCC PREPGRANITE-ECO from £645.00+VAT£774.00inc VAT BLIZZARD BPB 7N Range BLIZZARD BPB 7N Range from £1399.00+VAT£1678.80inc VAT BLIZZARD BPB BLIZZARD BPB from £1165.20+VAT£1398.24inc VAT INFRICO MP INFRICO MP £3075.40+VAT£3690.48inc VAT INOMAK BSV77 INOMAK BSV77 £1050.60+VAT£1260.72inc VAT INFRICO ME-Ban Range INFRICO ME-Ban Range from £1375.00+VAT£1650.00inc VAT Blizzard BSP-ECO Range Blizzard BSP-ECO Range from £530.00+VAT£636.00inc VAT INOMAK ZNV Range INOMAK ZNV Range from £1175.80+VAT£1410.96inc VAT INOMAK BSV Range INOMAK BSV Range £1495.00+VAT£1794.00inc VAT INFRICO MEKB Range INFRICO MEKB Range from £1399.00+VAT£1678.80inc VAT INOMAK ZQV INOMAK ZQV from £1595.00+VAT£1914.00inc VAT INFRICO ME PIZZA Range INFRICO ME PIZZA Range from £1455.00+VAT£1746.00inc VAT INFRICO ME1003VIP INFRICO ME1003VIP £2105.00+VAT£2526.00inc VAT Interlevin VRX 330 SS Range Interlevin VRX 330 SS Range from £407.82+VAT£489.38inc VAT

FridgeSmart have a large selection of Gastronorm refrigerated counter units suitable for takeaway's, hotels and restaurant kitchens. We have gourmet standard refrigerated counters and salad or pizza prep counters from leading manufacturers, including Interlevin, Tefcold, Mercatus and Infrico. Units are stylish, easy clean and reliable.  FridgeSmart also provide drawer options on some units.