Fish Fridges

Fresh fish has been a staple ingredient in the UK for many years. Popular choices include haddock, cod, plaice, mackerel, herring, pollock, sea bass and many more of the nation’s favourites.

As a commercial kitchen preparing fish, keeping it fresh is crucial for taste, texture, nutrition and – most importantly – hygiene. As fish ages past its use-by date, it decays and gives off ammonia, contaminating and condemning everything else in the refrigerator. As such, it’s crucial to use the correct type of storage, and that’s where fish fridges come in. They’re specifically designed for storing the juicy, white flesh, keeping it ready for the moment you’ll cook it.

A fish fridge is a must-have within any fish preparation environment – whether a fish and chip shop, restaurant, café, hotel, holiday destination, takeaway, commercial kitchen, or other.

Choosing the right fish fridge

A fish fridge should be made of stainless steel and ventilated, meaning it maintains a perfectly balanced temperature throughout – even though you’ll regularly open and close the door. The fan also assists with reducing humidity to keep the fish fresh. Most commercial fish fridges will come with a temperature gauge of some kind. These days, it’s usually digital.

It should come with a whole stack of tightly packed drawers, which help regulate the cold and store as much fish as possible. Also made of stainless steel, these drawers can be easily removed for restocking and cleaning, which should be done fairly regularly.

Fish fridges come in various sizes, allowing you to store as much fish as you need, but not too much. Our fish fridges can accommodate all kitchen sizes and budgets. We currently stock tried and tested models from well-known brands Mercatus and Infrico.

Choose a fish fridge from Fridgesmart

Fridgesmart is a leading supplier of fridges, freezers and catering equipment for businesses large and small up and down the UK. Founded more than 40 years ago, we’ve spent decades building a reputation for customer support that goes above and beyond. Our primary interest is helping you find a product that will assist your business in the short and long terms.

We offer a loyal next-day delivery service across our entire range, so you can buy any fish fridge and have it in your shop tomorrow. Everything comes with a free warranty included. We’re so confident in the products we store that we don’t expect you’ll ever need it, but it’s there all the same for your peace of mind.

Along with this, we also run a lowest price guarantee. If you find one of our fish fridges listed for less from a different supplier, we’ll do everything we can to match it. We aim to be the best catering supplier in the business, providing top products for the cheapest prices.

Our customer support is unparalleled – we’ll do everything we can to help anyone obligation-free. If you’d like to take advantage of this, why not use the Live Chat feature in the corner of the screen? Our highly experienced team will be glad to assist you in deciding which fish fridge might be the right one for you. Even long after purchase, we always encourage any of our previous customers to contact us, as we can offer aftersales support in many different ways.

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