Counter Top Freezers

During our hot, humid summers in the UK, on-demand cold products are particularly appealing to tired passers-by. An effective strategy to provide these people with a top-quality service is necessary for zeroing in on this target market.

Counter top freezers are all about displaying attractive goods to your customers and promoting impulse buys.

Whether you run a café, shop, cinema, ice cream parlour or restaurant, counter top freezers can tremendously positively impact your sales.

On this page, you can browse our range of counter top freezers. Learn more about each product by hovering over the images or clicking on them.

What is a counter top freezer?

A counter top freezer is a small, compact freezer specifically designed to showcase and display your frozen products. Their size and resultant lightweight nature make them very manoeuvrable, meaning you can easily change where you place them – daily, if necessary.

Business owners tend to use counter top freezers to sell ice cream. Some are created with clear display lids, keeping scooped ice cream in mind. Most have a clear door to show shelves of produce.

We stock counter top fridges to match your overall front-of-house aesthetic with a few different designs available. We have options from well-known and trusted brands like Tefcold, Framec and Crystal to suit all budgets and always adhere to having the best products on the market for the lowest prices.

Why Fridgesmart?

Fridgesmart was founded more than 40 years ago. Since then, we’ve developed into one of the UK’s leading suppliers in freezers, fridges and commercial catering equipment. As well as helping out large and small businesses across the country with next-day delivery, we also ship to mainland Europe.

Our first priority is customer service and support. We’re proud of our commitment to assisting you in finding the best counter top freezer available for your commercial kitchen. Ask us whatever questions you like. One of our staff will be happy to help, completely obligation-free.

We set ourselves apart from other catering suppliers by our extensive aftersales support. Even if it’s been several years since your counter top freezer purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever come across any difficulties.

Each and every counter top freezer we sell comes with a warranty included for free. With reliable brands like Tefcold and Framec, we don’t expect you’ll ever need to use it. However, it’s there for your peace of mind.

As we mentioned, we’re committed to having the best products for the lowest prices. Our extensive connections help us do that. That being said, if you find one of our counter top freezers listed for less elsewhere, please let us know. We operate a lowest price guarantee, which means we’ll do our very best to lower our asking amount to match it.

If your business needs a new counter top freezer, please get in touch with us through the Live Chat or our Contact page. We’d love to hear from you.