Meat & Fish Display Fridges

We eat more meat and fish today than ever before. Thanks to advances in freezing and refrigeration technology, different types and species are available to populations that would never have had it before.

To make the most of the boom in these products, you’ll need an excellent way to showcase them to your customers. Meat and fish display fridges combine elegant aesthetics with advanced technology to keep the food you’re selling hygienic, fresh and tasty for all.

There are several essential things to consider regarding meat and fish display fridges. Browse through Fridgesmart’s selection below.

What is a meat and fish display fridge?

Designed to stand in the customer-facing area of your butcher’s shop, supermarket, café, takeaway, corner shop or restaurant, meat and fish display fridges hold fresh products at safe temperatures. By keeping a constant chilled, low-humidity environment, textures and tastes are maintained much better, too.

Many different shapes, sizes, capacities and types of meat and fish display fridges are available. At Fridgesmart, we stock serve-overs, upright shelving units and smaller counter top models. These can be used in many businesses to suit various purposes.

As integral refrigerators, you’ll be able to simply plug these units in – they’ll be ready for use shortly after. They’ve been specifically created to withstand the hustle and bustle of busy commercial environments, so you should expect them to last for many years.

These days, energy efficiency is increasingly important, as we see rises in utility bills and carbon footprints on a global scale. The cleverly placed LED lights and highly efficient EC fans help in both these while driving sales and maintaining food quality.

Fridgesmart stocks meat and fish display fridges from the best brands on the market, including Tefcold, Interlevin, Hera and Mafirol.

Why Fridgesmart?

Founded over 40 years ago, Fridgesmart has been at the forefront of commercial catering equipment ever since. We’re primarily suppliers of fridges and freezers to businesses in the UK. However, we also stock other products and regularly send goods to Northern Europe.

We’re supremely confident in the quality of every meat and fish display fridge we stock and are sure they’ll last you for many years, boosting sales. However, we’ll throw in a free warranty with every purchase for your peace of mind.

Fridgesmart offers next-day delivery. This is particularly ideal if you’re in dire need of a new meat and fish display fridge urgently. Order it in time, and we can get it to you by tomorrow.

We also offer a Lowest Price Guarantee. If you find one of our meat and fish display fridges listed for less elsewhere, we’ll lower our price to match it. Just get in touch with us to let us know.

Our primary concern is customer service, support and satisfaction. As such, we’ve introduced the Live Chat feature (in your screen’s corner). This means you can contact us with any questions, queries or for any (free) professional advice. As a past customer, we’ll always be happy to hear from you and do everything we can to help, regardless of whether your warranty has expired.

As mentioned, for a commitment-free chat, get in touch with us through the website’s Contact page or via the Live Chat. We can’t wait to hear from you.