Meat Fridges & Solid Door Fridges

Meat fridges and solid door fridges are essential in any kitchen. They’re all about storing large amounts of refrigerated food so it’s ready for cooking or prepping later on.

A solid door fridge can store meats, vegetables, fruits, salads, dairy products, and more. They’re designed for optimum performance and capacity to allow kitchens to operate as efficiently as possible. If everything’s in one place, employees know exactly where to go.

Meat fridges and solid door fridges are perfect for restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars, pubs, cantinas, bistros, takeaways, clubs, catering companies, and more. Basically, anyone running a kitchen needs one of these.

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How to choose a meat fridge or solid door fridge

Meat fridges and solid door fridges come in a range of different specifications. For example, some have more storage space than others. When buying a model, always ensure it has good ventilation. Solid door fridges and meat fridges should have fan-assisted ventilation, keeping the temperature and humidity consistent throughout. This is arguably the most essential aspect of any good commercial refrigerator.

Before purchasing one, consider how many shelves or drawers the fridge holds. If you’re storing larger, bulkier items (such as big meat cuts, iceberg lettuces, sizeable vegetables, melons, etc.), you’ll probably want fewer drawers. For smaller produce items, you’ll need more. Our range of modern solid door fridges come with new, more environmentally-friendly refrigerants and lasting warranties.

When deciding on a meat fridge or solid door fridge, it’s important to know in advance what you’ll be storing in it. If you need a meat fridge, will it contain small chicken breasts or large cuts of beef? Perhaps both? If you’re after a solid door fridge, what specific products will you be storing in it? If you have this clear in your mind, choosing the right model for you will be much easier.

Why Fridgesmart?

As an industry-leading supplier of fridges, freezers and commercial catering equipment, Fridgesmart has been at the forefront of assisting businesses up and down the UK for decades. Our next-day delivery service is unparalleled, allowing you to order something today and have it set up and running tomorrow.

We’ve spent over forty years building a reputation for excellent customer service and support. All our meat fridges and solid door fridges come with included warranties for your peace of mind. On top of this, you can always get back in touch with us – even years after your purchase. Our team is always glad to help anyone in any way they can.

As part of our ongoing commitment to catering businesses, we offer a lowest price guarantee. We’re proud to be able to list some of the best meat fridges and solid door fridges available and always aim to have competitively low prices. If you find one of the products we list for cheaper elsewhere, please let us know! We’ll do all we can do to match it.

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