Meat Fridges & Solid Door Fridges

Elstar ARR350 Elstar ARR350 £475.00+VAT£570.00inc VAT Tefcold SD1220B Tefcold SD1220B £519.69+VAT£623.63inc VAT SD1280B SD1280B £550.78+VAT£660.94inc VAT Tefcold SD1380B Tefcold SD1380B £496.04+VAT£595.25inc VAT UR400B Range UR400B Range from £552.13+VAT£662.56inc VAT UR550B Range UR550B Range from £692.02+VAT£830.42inc VAT Tefcold UR600B Range Tefcold UR600B Range from £700.80+VAT£840.96inc VAT Tefcold RK500B Tefcold RK500B £890.70+VAT£1068.84inc VAT Tefcold GUC70 Tefcold GUC70 £925.41+VAT£1110.49inc VAT Interlevin CAR410 Interlevin CAR410 £865.00+VAT£1038.00inc VAT Interlevin CAR650 Interlevin CAR650 £968.42+VAT£1162.10inc VAT Interlevin Italia AF07TN Interlevin Italia AF07TN £1049.02+VAT£1258.82inc VAT Tefcold Gastro-Line RK710P Tefcold Gastro-Line RK710P £1021.13+VAT£1225.36inc VAT Interlevin CAR900 Interlevin CAR900 £1254.90+VAT£1505.88inc VAT Interlevin CAR1250 Interlevin CAR1250 £1416.94+VAT£1700.33inc VAT Tefcold GUC140 Tefcold GUC140 £1362.50+VAT£1635.00inc VAT Gemm XFN Platinum Range Gemm XFN Platinum Range from £1659.09+VAT£1990.91inc VAT Interlevin Italia AF14TN Interlevin Italia AF14TN £1594.28+VAT£1913.14inc VAT Tefcold RK1420P Tefcold RK1420P £1575.29+VAT£1890.35inc VAT interlevin CAR1390 interlevin CAR1390 £1587.38+VAT£1904.86inc VAT BLIZZARD SDR BLIZZARD SDR £465.00+VAT£558.00inc VAT MONDIAL-ELITE KICPV MLT Range MONDIAL-ELITE KICPV MLT Range from £865.60+VAT£1038.72inc VAT MONDIAL-ELITE KICPVX MLT Range MONDIAL-ELITE KICPVX MLT Range from £945.00+VAT£1134.00inc VAT MONDIAL-ELITE KICPR LT Range MONDIAL-ELITE KICPR LT Range from £765.60+VAT£918.72inc VAT VESTFROST CFKS STS Range VESTFROST CFKS STS Range £625.00+VAT£750.00inc VAT MONDIAL-ELITE KICPRX LT Range MONDIAL-ELITE KICPRX LT Range from £875.00+VAT£1050.00inc VAT INFRICO AGN301 INFRICO AGN301 from £1365.00+VAT£1638.00inc VAT BLIZZARD HBP700 BLIZZARD HBP700 £1135.00+VAT£1362.00inc VAT INFRICO AGN-CR INFRICO AGN-CR from £1475.00+VAT£1770.00inc VAT INFRICO AEX TF INFRICO AEX TF from £1655.00+VAT£1986.00inc VAT Tefcold RF710P Tefcold RF710P £1179.95+VAT£1415.94inc VAT

FridgeSmart has a brilliant range of meat fridge units ideal for hotels, restaurants, fast food kitchens and schools. An essential commercial kitchen appliance for storing large quantities of raw or cooked meats, due to the increased precision and accuracy of the temperature range over standard commercial refrigeration. Our fan assisted chillers ensure even cooling over the whole fridge and a guaranteed narrow temperature range to reduce the chance of bacterial growth.

FridgeSmart has solid door fridge solutions in either a white or stainless steel finish, from top brands including Tefcold, IARP and Interlevin.