Catering Freezers

All catering businesses are inherently fast-paced and full of pressure. When you plan out, reorganise or renovate your commercial kitchen, you’ll be planning it around you and your team’s working methods. This helps to make everything run as efficiently as possible. Like all the equipment we supply, catering freezers are designed with this in mind. Their low shapes allow for a workspace on top – the perfect addition to any kitchen environment. Underneath this, you’ll find professionally designed freezers, ideal for holding the many frozen ingredients you might need on hand.

Whether you run a restaurant, café, takeaway, pub, bakery, bar, hotel or cantina, catering freezers are a must-have. Use this page to explore our current range and learn more about these products.

What is a catering freezer?

A catering freezer is a low freezer designed to extend along a wall or back up against another similar model. Above the freezer cabinets is a stainless-steel worktop on which you can prepare food. The two functions of a catering freezer – countertop space and the freezer itself – are often used independently. You don’t always need to immediately prep frozen food. However, catering freezers are an efficient use of space. You can have an extra workspace along with somewhere to store your frozen ingredients – even if you don’t always use both at the same time.

The material makes the catering freezer easy to wipe down and disinfect with standard cleaning products. The drawers can be simply removed for rinsing in the sink, and the worktop washed with a cloth and disinfectant. Overall, catering freezers are best for tight kitchens where space is a premium or anywhere that worktop room is a top priority.

At Fridgesmart, we stock catering freezers from Tefcold, Blizzard, Interlevin, Infrico and Gemm, with options and specifications to meet all budgets and dimensional requirements. Feel free to browse through our products here or contact one of our team who will be all too happy to help.

How can Fridgesmart help?

Fridgesmart is a nationwide supplier of freezers, fridges and other commercial catering equipment. We’ve been in business for over 40 years now, and with those years has come decades of experience.

Our trade has always been focused on one thing: the customer. We go above and beyond to provide the best customer experience in the business, with unrivalled levels of support. We’ll include warranties (included in the price) on anything and everything you buy and offer excellent aftersales help if you ever run into any difficulties. On top of this, we operate a lowest price guarantee. We always strive to have the best products listed for the lowest cost to you. As such, if you find the same catering freezer for cheaper somewhere else, we’ll do our very best to match it.

When it comes to catering freezers, we know you need something that makes the most of your available space. If you think your commercial kitchen could use one, why not contact a member of our team? They’ll do their best to help you find the model that’s exactly right for you! Plus, if you decide a product of ours is the one you want, make the most of our next day delivery!

You can contact us through the Live Chat or the Contact page on the website. We look forward to hearing from you.