Sliding Glass lid Freezers

Recent years have seen the average person buy significantly more frozen produce than ever before. Customers now generally prefer to make fewer shopping trips but purchase more goods at a time. Frozen foods keep for much longer than fresh produce, meaning people have greater flexibility about when and what they consume.

As a café, restaurant, corner shop, supermarket or cinema owner, capitalising on this recent trend can help increase your sales. To do so, you’ll need a commercial customer-facing freezer.

A sliding glass lid freezer is a great option to place in your front of house, encouraging customers to spend that little bit more – whether they need desserts, ice cream, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables or frozen meals. There are a number of options out there, but that’s where Fridgesmart’s narrowed-down range can help.

Fridgesmart’s sliding glass lid freezers

Fridgesmart stocks a wide range of sliding glass lid freezers, such as Tefcold, Blizzard, Elcold, Arcaboa, Vestfrost and Crystal models. Our inventory of products from these trusted brands includes options to suit all sizes, capacities and budgets.

Sliding glass lid freezers glide open at the top with minimal effort, allowing customers (or staff) to reach in and grab their food item before closing it again. The clear lid allows for a clear view of the freezer’s contents. This is useful for both shoppers (who can browse without letting all the cold out) and workers (who can see if any stock needs replenishing).

Coming in all shapes and sizes, make sure to compare different sliding glass lid freezers before ordering. For example, if you have a smaller shop, we might recommend something like the Tefcold ICSEB. In contrast, larger supermarkets with entire aisles dedicated to frozen goods could prefer the Aracaboa Dupla Range.

It’s also crucial to find an energy-efficient freezer. This will function to both reduce your bills and your carbon footprint.

These sliding glass lid freezers can be plugged in and ready to go almost as soon as they arrive. Couple this with Fridgesmart’s industry-leading low prices and next-day delivery on all products, and we’re sure it’ll help your business grow.

Why Fridgesmart?

Fridgesmart has one of the largest ranges of fridges and freezers in the country. Founded over 40 years ago, our company was built on our reputation for first-class customer service. For example, we offer extensive aftersales support. Your journey with us doesn’t end once our delivery truck leaves your business. We’ll always be happy to help further down the line if you ever need anything at all.

As a nationwide company, we aim to provide our clients with the best sliding glass lid freezers at the lowest costs. That’s why we operate a Lowest Price Guarantee – find one of our products listed for less on another website? Please let us know. We’ll do all we can to lower the price to match it.

Each sliding glass lid freezer we sell also comes with a warranty, although we don’t expect you’ll ever need to use it. We spend a long time narrowing our product range to the very best, and only supply from the most reliable brands. However, we’ll throw a warranty in for your reassurance.

If a new sliding glass lid freezer would benefit your business, you’d be very welcome to contact us for a commitment-free informal chat. Our staff are highly trained and experienced and will only recommend products they believe will make a genuinely positive impact. Why not get in touch with us through the Live Chat feature or the website’s Contact page?

We look forward to hearing from you.