Deep Freeze Units -45 C

Deep Freeze Units -45 C

While standard freezers are great for most day-to-day applications, you sometimes need something that can reach intensely cold temperatures. For example, some foods need to be kept extremely cold to better retain their flavours and textures, such as meat, fish, and sushi. A deep freeze unit, able to reach temperatures between -30 C and -45 C, is a more specialised solution for products that require precise, ultra-cold temperatures.

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What are deep freeze units?

Fridgesmart’s range of deep freeze units from Tefcold, Elcold and Vestfrost can reach a level of cold beyond most conventional freezer cabinets. There are many different sizes, capacities and temperature ranges available, so be sure to check out the entire list. They’re perfect for any restaurant, café, hotel or bar that needs to store ingredients at incredibly low temperatures.

Laboratories also often require deep freeze units. Scientists, medical personnel and researchers regularly use deep freeze units to preserve and sanitise equipment, medications and samples. All our deep freeze units come with extra features like locks, defrost drains, digital temperature displays and controls, and between 80mm and 100mm of insulation. They can all be plugged in and used straight away, ready for the day’s work. The natural refrigerants combine with the energy-efficient EC ventilation fans, contributing to maintaining the cold while reducing your utility bills and environmental impact.

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Why use Fridgesmart?

Fridgesmart was founded more than 40 years ago. Since then, we’ve become a leading supplier of freezers, fridges and other commercial catering equipment in the UK. Regularly working with all sorts of clients, from smaller mobile takeaways to large restaurant operations, we’ve made customer service and support our priority. For example, all of our deep freeze units come with a warranty included. We don’t expect you’ll need it: we fully back every model we sell, having tested them all and finding them to be highly functional, reliable and efficient. 

Whenever you order any models from us, you can take advantage of our next-day delivery. Our quick dispatch times mean that you could have your deep freeze unit set up and ready to use by the time tomorrow evening rolls around. In addition to all this, we run a lowest price guarantee. Should you find one of the deep freeze units we list for a lower price elsewhere, please let us know. We’ll do everything we can to match it.

If your commercial catering business or laboratory is in need of a new or updated deep freeze unit, we’d love to hear from you. Our friendly team can be contacted for a commitment-free chat through the Live Chat or the website’s Contact page. They’ll be glad to discuss your needs and concerns, answer any questions and offer expert advice.

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