Slimline Multideck Fridges

Blizzard Grab Range Blizzard Grab Range from £1199.00+VAT£1438.80inc VAT Frost-tech SLD range Frost-tech SLD range from £1445.00+VAT£1734.00inc VAT Interlevin SP60 Slimline Interlevin SP60 Slimline from £1264.20+VAT£1517.04inc VAT Interlevin SP60X Interlevin SP60X from £1365.30+VAT£1638.36inc VAT Mafirol CRPLFV-LC Mafirol CRPLFV-LC from £1775.00+VAT£2130.00inc VAT Mafirol CRFV-lc Range Mafirol CRFV-lc Range from £1699.00+VAT£2038.80inc VAT Interlevin SP80 Wallsite Interlevin SP80 Wallsite from £1504.54+VAT£1805.45inc VAT Interlevin SP80X Wallsite Interlevin SP80X Wallsite from £1681.70+VAT£2018.04inc VAT trimco Regalo multideck trimco Regalo multideck from £1203.92+VAT£1444.70inc VAT Mondial Elite JNR Range Mondial Elite JNR Range from £1415.00+VAT£1698.00inc VAT Interlevin EVO Multideck Interlevin EVO Multideck from £1502.96+VAT£1803.55inc VAT Frilixa Canadeo Multideck Frilixa Canadeo Multideck £1336.02+VAT£1603.22inc VAT Framec Slimline Framec Slimline from £1263.48+VAT£1516.18inc VAT Framec X Slimline Framec X Slimline from £1452.22+VAT£1742.66inc VAT Interlevin Italia SP80 Meat Interlevin Italia SP80 Meat from £1944.10+VAT£2332.92inc VAT Interlevin Italia SP80X Meat Interlevin Italia SP80X Meat from £2011.36+VAT£2413.63inc VAT PES850-WH806FV-FL PES850-WH806FV-FL from £1825.00+VAT£2190.00inc VAT Framec Sunny Slimline Range Framec Sunny Slimline Range from £1129.00+VAT£1354.80inc VAT Mondial Elite Range Mondial Elite Range from £1299.00+VAT£1558.80inc VAT Modial Elite SLX range Modial Elite SLX range from £1599.00+VAT£1918.80inc VAT Framec Sunny Stainles Range Framec Sunny Stainles Range from £1336.00+VAT£1603.20inc VAT Mondial SLXM Range Mondial SLXM Range from £1650.00+VAT£1980.00inc VAT Mondial-Elite SL M Range Mondial-Elite SL M Range from £1399.00+VAT£1678.80inc VAT Mondial Elite Slim Lxx Range Mondial Elite Slim Lxx Range from £1499.00+VAT£1798.80inc VAT Mondial-Elite Slim Range Mondial-Elite Slim Range from £1299.00+VAT£1558.80inc VAT MAFIROL CRLW-FVLC Range MAFIROL CRLW-FVLC Range from £1499.00+VAT£1798.80inc VAT Super Sunny 14 with doors Super Sunny 14 with doors from £1879.40+VAT£2255.28inc VAT

Whether you run a cafe, restaurant or restaurant, your business needs high-quality commercial refrigeration equipment. Fridgesmart stocks a large range of slimline and multideck display fridges to meet every need. 

Any business owner stocking dairy products, fruits, vegetables or drinks knows that all food and drinks must be stored at optimal conditions to ensure safety and prevent food from spoiling. Our selection of slimline fridges provide the perfect solution, allowing you to display your products enticingly without them perishing.

We stock world-class multideck chillers from all the top international manufacturers, including Frilixa and Framec. Our vast range provides a selection of low height slimline fridges or wall site multidecks. All of our products are easy to access and maintain, plus many units are available in either a stainless steel or white finish and in single or bulk orders to suit businesses of all sizes.

Fridgesmart has been supplying businesses with the best commercial multideck display fridges for over 40 years, so if you have any questions we’d be happy to help. Get in touch with our team at 0115 895 2096 or through our contact form.