Why storage fridges are a must-have for your food business

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Keeping food at the correct temperature is vitally important. Correctly stored food lasts longer, which is better for your business as it reduces waste, and better for your reputation with fresher tasting produce. 

Buying ingredients is a huge expense for any food business, so investing in the best cold storage to extend their shelf life is a sensible decision. 

Not only is having good equipment essential, but using it correctly, with good storage practices, specified areas for different types of food and proper stock rotation, will all help ensure better food hygiene.

Reliable refrigerated storage also ensures proper temperature control, helping you comply with food safety regulations, aiding organisation and inventory management, reducing waste, improving workflow, maintaining food quality and enabling you to offer a more versatile menu. 

Here, we look at why storage fridges are crucial for safe and efficient operations in the food industry…

Cold rooms versus storage fridges

While storage fridges are a good option, cold rooms are often a better one. 

If you run a profitable and popular food business with a range of different products, an extensive menu and a busy kitchen, you may find a cold room the best solution. 

Cold rooms – or walk-in refrigerators – are spacious, insulated storage areas used in commercial settings to store perishable items at controlled low temperatures. Constructed with insulated panels and equipped with energy-efficient refrigeration systems, cold rooms maintain temperatures from -18°C to 4°C (-0°F to 40°F). They have shelving, sturdy doors and efficient insulation to minimise temperature fluctuations and ensure food safety. 

Cold rooms play a vital role in preserving the freshness and quality of large quantities of perishable products. They offer multiple benefits over traditional storage fridges. 

Their extra space and ease of access make it easier to manage your stock levels, easily and quickly reach key items, and store food correctly with ample space between different types of food. 

Many food deliveries only occur once or twice a week, and trying to keep that much food in storage fridges can be tricky to manage. 

With a cold room, it’s easier to keep track of your stock and prevent food spoilage or problems caused by certain food being pushed on top of other items. 

A cold room may seem like a large investment. However, when you look at the cost of storing food badly, with wasted produce that is thrown away or spoiled, investing in a spacious cold room suddenly seems like a wise financial option. 

Once you factor in the time and hassle it saves your employees, you can see the positive impacts on the smooth running of your busy kitchen.

The importance of good food storage

Your food business relies on the quality of the food you sell, not only in the cooking but also in the ingredients. If you’re building a long-term business, you’ll be choosing to spend on good quality ingredients to enhance your reputation. 

However, quality ingredients badly stored can ruin a dish and your business’s reputation. 

Storing your food correctly will ensure you maintain your high standards. 

A reputation can take a long time to build, but can be instantly ruined. Don’t risk yours. Make sure your food is carefully and safely stored.

Fulfil your health and safety obligations

Effective commercial refrigeration is vital for meeting health and safety requirements in the food industry. It helps by maintaining proper temperatures, preventing cross-contamination, extending shelf life, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness, monitoring temperatures and promoting equipment reliability. 

Storing chilled and frozen food properly can prevent foodborne illnesses and help your business reduce waste, maintain product quality and comply with health regulations. 

Remember, different foods have different storage requirements, so make sure you know the recommended storage temperatures, best before and use by dates.  

Regardless of health and safety guidelines, it’s always prudent to regularly inspect your refrigeration units for any signs of damage or wear or tear. 

How can Fridgesmart help your business?

Here at Fridgesmart, we have many years of experience working with different businesses, to provide them with the right commercial refrigeration for their needs. 

Whether you need a cold room for your busy restaurant or hotel, or a small countertop display fridge to increase sales at your sandwich shop, we can help. 

Our experienced team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

Browse our range of cold rooms or if you would like to discuss the best storage solution for your business, please get in touch. 

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