FridgeSmart have a great range of solutions for your modular cold storage needs. Our coldrooms have stainless steel floors for extra durability and heated door frames as standard. We can also supply high strength anodised aluminium free-standing shelving for our rooms.

Our Mercatus walk in freezer rooms and chiller rooms are ideal for restaurants looking to make an investment in their refrigeration capabilities. A cold room is one of the most efficient solutions to refrigerating large quantities of ingredients used in cooking, including meat, fruit and vegetables.

When free-standing shelving is added to the walk in fridge, a restaurant’s staff can more easily access the necessary ingredients for the meal they want to prepare. Shelving also creates more space in the chiller room, allowing businesses to order food in large quantities and potentially save money.

For more information about our walk in freezers, please do not hesitate to get in touch at 0115 9413640.