What makes multidecks stand out from the crowd?

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A multideck is an excellent resource to have in a busy retail unit. Multidecks are designed to provide accessible and visible storage and display space for your products. This highly visual display encourages impulse buys and improves the buying experience for your customers. Happy customers become repeat customers, who become loyal customers. 

Loyal customers are integral to building a successful business. 

In marketing terms, it’s far easier and cheaper to target your existing customers than find new ones. So invest in your business, and boost your customer loyalty and sales.

How can your business benefit from a multideck?

Multidecks offer important features that make them a good choice for many retail outlets. As the name suggests multidecks have many shelves within the unit which are designed to be easily accessible for your customers. The shelves can be moved to allow for products of different heights and can be tilted for improved visibility if required. The glass fronts are designed for increased visibility so that more of the products inside can be seen, as opposed to the older style of heavy framed doors. Whether you want fully open-fronted cabinets for speedy access, or self-closing doors to help maintain the temperature of your fridges, we’ll have the ideal multideck for your business. Modern multidecks are designed to be less bulky, and sleeker than their older counterparts, this means that they take up less footprint, which is important in a smaller retail unit. We not only have a range of different styles of multidecks but also different sizes within each range, so you can choose the ideal multideck for your business needs.

Why is the energy-efficiency rating so important?

Energy costs have risen sharply recently, and are having a huge impact on the running costs of a business. With refrigeration costs making up a larger percentage of energy usage, it’s important to consider the energy efficiency of your refrigeration units. Many of the multidecks in our range, such as the Galaxy FGD Plus, are rated an A or B on the latest energy rating scale. The scale was updated in March 21 as many units were rated A+++ or A++, which was considered unclear to consumers. An old rating of A+++, the highest available, was deemed equivalent to a modern B or C. So, if you invest in an A or B-rated multideck it will be more energy-efficient than even the best of the older rated units. This improved energy efficiency will reflect in your energy consumption and business outgoings. Energy-efficient units are also more environmentally friendly which is an important consideration in today’s climate. You can also use your investment in a new energy-efficient multideck as an opportunity to illustrate your environmentally-friendly stance. It’s easy to talk about how you are improving the carbon footprint of your business, but having a physical example of how you are making changes to improve this can provide excellent PR.

Why choose a multideck from Fridgesmart?

All our multidecks are selected for their first-class design and robust manufacture. We understand that if you’re investing in a new multideck for your business you expect it to last for many years. To this end, we carefully choose the products we offer, so you know you can rely on your Fridgesmart multideck to serve your business for many years. We ensure we offer a versatile range that will suit all businesses. Whether you need a slimline multideck to tuck in beside your point of sale to capture impulse buys in your busy convenience store, or a fresh meat multideck specifically designed to showcase your butchery, we’re here to help. Our multidecks come in different colours, so you can match your existing units, and include EPOS ticket strips for clear advertising of your products. Anything that makes the buying process easier for your customers will encourage them to buy. 

Upgrade your multideck today

Invest in a multideck for your business today. Relying on old and inefficient resources can be risky for your business. Breakdowns or poor temperature control can cause products to spoil and cost your business money. Investing in a modern and well-designed multideck will give you peace of mind in your business continuity. Take a look at the range of multidecks that we offer here at Fridgesmart Slimline multidecks, or if you want advice from our experienced team about the best type of multideck for your business, then speak to our friendly and helpful team today. Simply call us on 01792 677169.