Why your business needs a display fridge: benefits and features

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Most people are very visual when it comes to food. While they will have their favourites in their mind, they will be swayed by what they see. A cleverly designed display fridge will give your customers an easy and enticing way to see the food on offer. Display fridges are extremely useful from a sales point of view, as well as a hygiene perspective, with temperature-controlled units, and full covers. It not only provides a way to showcase what you have on offer but also a safe and practical place to store food throughout the day at the correct temperature. 

Choose the best display fridge for your business

All businesses are different and here at Fridgesmart we have an excellent range of different display fridges designed for various businesses. For example, if you run a tea shop, you’ll need an attractive and practical way to show your cakes for the day. Our commercial cake display fridges are carefully designed with layers of shelves to allow you to display different types of cake, while allowing easy access to the cakes on each shelf. 

If you run a delicatessen, you’ll need a different type of display fridge, so you can set your meats and cheeses in a pleasing layout, with plenty of room for taking food in and out to sell to your customers. Our serve over range is ideally suited to this type of business. Or maybe you sell bespoke wine or artisan ice cream? We have the ideal display fridge for you, and if you aren’t sure what will be the best fit for your business, we’re always here to help.

How display fridges will help your business

Ensuring your customers can see what they’re buying will help them make buying decisions. Our commercial display fridges are designed with high-quality lighting and appropriate spaces, to maximise the visual impact of your products. Considering the flow of your shop, and how the space is best utilised, is also important. You may find that two smaller display units with different types of products work better for the customer flow in your premises, rather than one larger unit. Spend some time thinking about the behaviour of your customers. 

Where do they stand when they come into the shop? 

What is your best-selling range? 

Which products would you like to sell more of? 

The answers to these questions may encourage you to rethink how you’re displaying your products and how to make the most of the display units you have. 

You may find that the lovely artisan cordials you stock don’t sell well because they’re in an awkwardly placed old-fashioned fridge that’s unappealing and hard to access. 

A new slimline bottle display unit placed prominently beside the door may encourage more spontaneous purchases.

Why choose a Fridgesmart display fridge for your catering business

A good quality display fridge is an important investment in your business. Modern, well-designed display fridges are more efficient, and environmentally friendly than their older counterparts. Choosing to invest in a more efficient fridge, will help to reduce your energy consumption. If you’re looking for commercial display fridges for your business, you want to come to a company that understands both commercial display fridges and your business. We’re a reputable and experienced company. We are not only here to provide high-quality, well-manufactured fridges that have been designed to aid and improve business, but also to help you to choose the best commercial fridge unit for your business. We can help and advise you on the best choice for you. 

Improve your business today with a Fridgesmart fridge

Don’t put off upgrading your commercial display fridges. Older, unreliable fridges can prove costly and disruptive for your business. If your fridge fails, we’ll act swiftly to help you, so you can be back up and running as quickly as possible, but if you have the time, replace your fridge before it breaks. Modern fridge units are sleek and come in different sizes. You may find that you can replace your large old model with smaller units, which could help improve your customer experience. Spend time considering the best option to maximise your sales and increase your profit. The friendly and helpful team here at Fridgesmart are always on hand to offer advice on the best commercial display fridges for your business. Take a look at our full range or call us today on 01792 677169.