What are the benefits of glass door display refrigerators?

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Glass door refrigerators are an asset for most food and drink businesses. They give customers an easy and engaging sales experience, offering an upmarket and aesthetically pleasing look while encouraging staff to keep the refrigerator tidy and well-stocked. Glass door refrigerators are more energy-efficient than open-fronted display units, offering an excellent alternative for those businesses wishing to reduce their environmental impact. A glass-door refrigerator is a good choice for any business looking to upgrade their current refrigeration units.

Which businesses benefit from glass door refrigerators?

Customer-facing businesses such as shops, cafes and delicatessens would all benefit from the advantages of a glass door refrigerator. They’re designed to appeal to the consumer. With display lighting and clever shelving systems you can adapt your glass door refrigerator to suit your business. Glass door refrigerators come with LED lighting, which attracts customers and brings extra light into your space. The lighting showcases your stock, making it more appealing to the consumer. The shelving allows you to display different-sized products within the same unit so that you can stock your refrigeration as best suits your business. Whether you’re selling to the busy lunchtime market in a small retail unit and want to display sandwiches and drinks to appeal to your customers, or run a café specialising in cake and sweet treats, we’ll have the ideal glass door refrigerator for you. Giving your customers a pleasing display of available items will help to encourage them to buy. Glass door refrigerators are designed to be sturdy and hard-wearing. The glass is generally tempered and reinforced making it capable of withstanding the wear and tear of a busy customer business.

Maintain good food hygiene with a glass door refrigerator

It’s not only your customers who benefit from a glass door refrigerator, but also your business. Having a glass door refrigerator will encourage your staff to keep the stock tidy and neat. It’s easy with a solid door refrigerator for items to be pushed around, stored badly and to be untidy. This, in turn, can cause items to be overlooked, which can lead to poor stock management, with food going to waste. A glass door refrigerator makes it easy for your staff to notice when the stock levels are going down, or if the contents have been left untidy by customers.

Choose an energy-efficient glass door refrigerator

While many businesses, especially grab-and-go type outlets, enjoy the benefits of open-fronted display units, they come with a huge economic and environmental impact. Open-fronted display units, even the newest models, are more energy-hungry than glass-fronted versions. Solid-fronted refrigerators aren’t a good choice for retail either. Consumers are very visual and will be unlikely to be drawn to a solid-door refrigerator. If they do venture towards it, they will need to stand with the door open while they make their decision, which will allow the refrigerator to warm up and require more power to cool the contents down again. A glass-fronted refrigeration unit allows the customer to stand and look at the contents while they make their decision, without needing to have the door open. This reduces the power consumption and your energy bill. Modern glass fronted refrigerators are rated at an A or B, while open-fronted versions are generally no higher than a D rating. Given that 70% of the average small business’s running costs on energy consumption – with refrigeration accounting for a large part of this – it’s extremely wise to consider the economic implications of your choice.

High-quality glass door refrigerators from Fridgesmart

Here at Fridgesmart, we spend time researching and investigating the refrigeration market to ensure we can offer our customers the very best glass door refrigerators. We source a wide range of refrigeration units, both in design and price, so we can always provide the best type of unit for your business. All the makes and models that we offer are chosen for their high-quality design and build so that when you invest in a new refrigeration unit from Fridgesmart, you can be confident it will deliver excellent lifetime value. Whether you’re planning for a store refurbishment and want to upgrade your refrigeration, or need an urgent replacement, we can help. Take a look at our extensive range of glass fronted refrigerators or simply call our helpful and knowledgeable team today on 01792 677169.