Uprights or multidecks - which create the best displays

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So, you need a good display fridge? Uprights and multidecks are two of the most common ways to go. And with good reason - they’re both proven to drive up sales. Both types of commercial refrigerator come with pros and cons. They each focus on specific aspects of sales and merchandising, which is why many businesses use both simultaneously.

But which is best? Or, more specifically, which is best for your business? We’ll discuss that on this page, providing you with the answers you need.

When to use upright display fridges

Upright display fridges are often found in shops and stores with packaged, pre-cooked food. Think supermarkets, convenience stores or corner shops - most of their units are likely uprights. Upright display fridges offer good energy efficiency and have practical designs and transparent doors. They’re often opened and closed, yes, but they’re designed for this.

The main downside of upright fridges is the impulse-buy aesthetics. It’s more challenging to frame food appealingly in uprights compared to multidecks. Not impossible, by any means, but harder.

You’d often use upright display fridges for bottled drinks and perhaps sandwiches or other similar fresh snacks. They’re best for large quantities but small varieties.

When to use multideck display fridges

Multidecks are those units you often find by either the entrance door or the till. Typically, they hold lunch meals or supermarket meal deals. These refrigerators are better suited for fresh products, drinks, cakes and so on.

Multideck fridges usually have an open front - they’re known as open multidecks. This encourages customers to purchase food and drink on impulse. It’s a very effective way to drive up sales.

Of course, with an open front, multidecks aren’t quite so energy efficient. At the same time, they aren’t as poor as you might think. Modern models use advanced air recirculation fans and structures. Of course, they’ll never match a unit with a door.

Some multidecks come with doors, so this might be worth your consideration. Open or closed, multidecks are all about the aesthetic draw to sell more food. Remember, with multidecks, it’s essential to keep them stocked up. Produce tends to sell all at once (for example, during the lunchtime rush). Use multidecks for wide varieties and low quantities - the opposite of uprights.

Uprights vs multideck display fridges - which is best for me?

If you’re wondering whether uprights or multidecks are right for you, start with your product. What are you selling? Is it better to pack it into a unit that better promotes your stock at the expense of energy efficiency (multideck)? Or maybe you’d get more use from something designed to hold your inventory on display for longer (upright)? Multidecks might be more suited to a wider variety of produce but less of it. Uprights are suitable for larger quantities but with fewer display options.

Most shops and small businesses often choose to mix the two. Many people we’ve worked with opt for upright fridges to make up the bulk, with one or two multidecks to promote sales. Again, though, that’s very enterprise specific.

Even once you settle on a refrigerator type, there are so many sub-options. Different sizes, shapes, colours, volumes, shelving arrangements, and so on are all available.

Getting the best fridge isn’t too challenging - make sure to put enough thought into it before committing to the purchase. The right one for you is definitely out there. It’s just about finding it.

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