The top five display fridges for small businesses

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Display fridges are a huge asset to any business that sells food and drink. 

From small shops selling cold cans and snacks to farm shops selling artisan ice cream, every business benefits from being able to create aesthetically pleasing displays to potential customers. 

People make instant and emotional buying decisions, often based on what they see and how it looks. Having your goods laid out in well-lit, cleverly designed display fridges will encourage your customers to buy. 

Our display fridges have excellent energy ratings, helping to keep your utility bills down while offering opportunities for custom branding and promotion. 

Here’ we take a look at our top five types of display fridges, and how they can benefit your business.


Multidecks top our list of recommendations for commercial display fridges. 

These open-front display chillers are commonly used in retail environments such as supermarkets, convenience stores and delis. They’re designed to provide open and easily accessible refrigerated display space for storing and showcasing a variety of fresh food and drink products. 

Multidecks are popular in retail settings because they offer an attractive and convenient way to display products including pre-packed foods, beverages, dairy, sandwiches, salads and more. 

They allow customers to easily browse and select items, while keeping the displayed products at the correct temperature to maintain freshness and food safety.

Multidecks allow you to display different items in a single display fridge. They’re ideal for promoting lunchtime deals, offering ready-to-eat sandwiched or pre-packed meals and cold drinks to accompany them. Multidecks have adjustable shelving, so you can tailor your displays to suit your goods. Clever design gives optimal lighting, a surprising amount of space and easy access for customers, and for restocking. 

In short, multidecks are excellent all-rounders that suit almost any business. Be sure to spend some time arranging your display to ensure you create maximum visual impact.

Countertop fridges

No floor space? No worries. 

Countertop display fridges are perfect for small retail outlets or catering operations where space is at a premium. Sleek and well-designed units that sit on your countertop, these compact fridges are an excellent choice. They are ideal for businesses offering quick, homemade lunchtime food, chilled drinks or ‘grab and go’ options.  

Countertop fridges are easy-to-access and help tempt your customers to add to their orders. You can simply top up your countertop fridge up throughout the day as stocks start to dwindle. 

If you’re low on space but still want to offer more to your customers, then this is the solution for you.

Serve over Counters

If you’re selling speciality cheeses, cold meats or other deli items, then a serve over counter is the best choice. They provide ample space to display your goods, while allowing your staff easy access to be able to deal with your customers. Serve over counters come in different styles and sizes, so you can choose the best fit for your business. 

Their features make them a popular choice for businesses that prioritise product presentation and customer service. Just remember to think about how your products are displayed from where the customer is standing, and try different layouts to see how this affects your sales.

Upright Display Cabinets

Upright display cabinets offer an impressive amount of space for their footprint, making them an ideal choice for smaller retail units. With complete glass surround, upright display cabinets are an excellent choice for displaying highly visual products such as homemade cakes. Don’t overfill your cabinet, as with visually appealing items, less is often more. 

Perfect for cafes, or shops, upright display cabinets have great design, clever lighting and are easy to access.

Glass Door Chillers

Glass door chillers bring benefits to any business. Being able to showcase your products while keeping them at the ideal temperature helps attract customers and convert sales. With a wide range of sizes and styles, you’ll be able to find the best fit for your business, even if you’re restricted by space. 

Our modern, sleek designs can be tailored to fit the smallest of spaces, while still providing enough space to display a good variety of products. 

Why buy your display fridge from Fridgesmart

Here at Fridgesmart, we work with many different types of businesses to help them to maximise their sales and profit. 

We know that buying is a visual and emotional decision, so our display fridges are all chosen for their great design and the benefits they offer your business. 

Investing in a modern display fridge will also give you a more economical display fridge than your older model, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact. 

Whatever your business, it will surely benefit from investing in a display fridge. 

Take a look at our full range or if you want advice about the best type of display fridge for your business, speak to our friendly and helpful team. 

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