Remote Refrigeration

Remote units are fridges where the compressor (the engine) does not sit within the unit but sits elsewhere, most commonly outside the building. Although basements can be used.

The advantages of remote units are:

Shops & supermarkets that require long runs of fridges past the standard 2m-2.5m of integral units will benefit greatly with remote units as, with remote units lengths almost becomes irrelevant.

Remote units expel the heat outside the building, which means your business doesn’t overheat and there is a significant reduction in noise

Because the engine is outside the building it allows the cabinet to hold more stock. Maximising merchandising space.

Energy Efficiency is increased as is performance. This is because the outside air keeps the engine cool, so it is not fighting with the warm air inside a business to maintain temperature.

Please note these units do need installation by a professional refrigeration engineer.

If you are interested in remotes please fill in the form below. It will be passed onto to our remote team.