Refrigeration tips for food safety

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Food safety is vital, and should always be a priority in your business. The repercussions of poor food hygiene can be catastrophic to your business. Knowing how to store food correctly, and clean and maintain your refrigerator will help to ensure that your food is safe, and your customers are happy. If you ever have any doubts about the safety of any food item, it is always safest to err on the side of caution and dispose of the food item. Remember the motto: “If in doubt, throw it out.” Look after your refrigerator, and your commercial refrigerator will look after your food.

Clean and maintain your refrigerator

Your refrigerator should be checked and cleaned regularly, and a record should be kept so that you know this is being carried out. Any spilt food and liquid should be instantly wiped up and cleaned, to prevent contamination. Check the temperature, the settings could get inadvertently knocked reducing the temperature of the refrigerator. Check and clean the door seals, these help to keep the refrigerator to the right temperature, but if they get damaged they don’t work as well. Make sure you clean all the filters and outlets as per the manufacturer’s instructions, as these can get clogged with dust and grease which may affect the function of the refrigerator. Ensure that your refrigerator is regularly serviced by a professional. Maintaining your refrigerator will help to keep it running at its optimum, pick up any issues before they develop, extend the life of your unit, and reduce the likelihood of a costly breakdown.

First in first out and other storage tips

It is not only important to pay attention to the commercial refrigerator itself but also how the food inside is stored. Poorly stored food can impair the function of the refrigerator, as well as increase the likelihood of produce spoiling. Refrigerators need the air to circulate in order to keep the items cool, so your refrigerator is at its most efficient when it is 75% full. If your refrigerator is tightly packed, the air will not be able to get around, and the product will not be as cold. If your refrigerator is very empty then the unit has to work very hard to keep those few items cool. Always manage your food on a first in first out system, so that you use the older items up, before moving on to the newer items. This will help prevent food waste, and ensure that your food is as fresh as possible. Make sure that different food groups are stored separately and according to good food safety. Everything should be clearly labelled, marked and correctly packaged so that you know exactly what is inside your refrigerator.

The importance of good health and safety

Food safety is one of the most important elements of your business. Poor health and safety can ruin a business. Firstly, allowing produce to go to waste through poor health and safety or food management is expensive. Most businesses run on tight margins and can brought down by errors such as this which damage the profit margin. Secondly, serving customers poor standard food will result in unhappy customers which will impact your reputation. This can be incredibly hard to win back. One unhappy customer can do a surprising amount of damage to your business. Your business will be inspected to ensure that it meets the required health and safety standards, and this result will be seen by your customers. If you achieve a high score, then it will improve your reputation and give your customers peace of mind. Never underestimate the importance of good health and safety in the workplace and the damage that poor standards can cause to your business.

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