Maximising your storage space with a commercial fridge

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We understand the crucial role that refrigeration storage plays in many businesses, and the negative repercussions that can be caused by inadequate or limited storage. As a busy business owner or manager, you need storage solutions you can rely on, day in, day out. We’ve worked with businesses across many different industries – from cafes and takeaways to convenience stores and pubs – over the years, so can help you to create the ideal storage solution for your refrigeration needs.

No space – no problem, with our storage solutions

Other than time, the other crucial commodity many businesses feel short of is space. While obtaining bigger premises can be a solution, this is often costly and impractical. 

So, you need to make the most of the space that you have instead. Clever storage solutions, thinking about how best to use your existing space, and investing in the latest commercial fridges, can help create more space. 

Whether this means you can buy in larger quantities to increase your buying power and drive down the price, or can cope better with fluctuating demand, having enough refrigerated storage space is vital to ensure business continuity. 

Many businesses experience surges in demand, for example, local shops during heatwaves, or restaurants during peak weekends. Being able to have a larger quantity of stock on hand is incredibly important. Having to turn customers away is detrimental to your business. Not only do you lose the sale, but you risk losing the customer, too.

What’s the best solution for your business?

When we help people decide which is the best commercial refrigeration solution for their business, we need to understand how the business runs. You know better than anyone what’s causing the problem. Is it the lack of storage space? Is it the wrong sort of storage space? Is it that your commercial units are old, physically take up too much floor space and are cumbersome to move around? When you think about your business, you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact issue, and from there, make the best decision to optimise your investment in a new refrigerated storage solution. We have an extensive range of storage fridges, from under-counter units and prep tables to blast chillers and specialist meat and fish storage. If you’d like to discuss which would work best for your business with our experienced team, we’re more than happy to help. 

What about cold rooms?

Cold rooms are essential assets for businesses requiring reliable and efficient storage of perishable goods. These temperature-controlled environments offer a range of benefits that can significantly impact their operations and success. They provide an ideal solution for preserving your valuable inventory.

Cold rooms offer a range of significant benefits, including precise temperature control, ample storage capacity, extended shelf life, improved organisation and cost savings. Investing in a cold room provides a reliable solution for preserving stock, enhancing operational efficiency and maximising profitability. Incorporating a cold room into your infrastructure can help you gain a competitive edge, maintain product quality and meet the demands of your customers more effectively.

They’re also easier to install and maintain than you might think. Check out the video below to see how: 

How to make the most of your storage

While we would always suggest investing in new storage units to optimise your space, it’s also important to consider how this space is used. Poor storage techniques can lead to wasted or ruined produce. Make sure it’s clear to everyone where different items go in the fridge. Labelling the shelves and areas can be a sensible idea. Make sure your fridge is at the correct temperature for the items you’re storing. Remember the first in, first out rule, so you use your stock in the correct order. If this is not followed, you could run into difficulties with best-before dates. A well-organised storage fridge will make it easy to see when stock is running low, which will help your ordering process and ensure  your order is accurate and needed. 

While you want to make the most of your space, cramming everything in on top of each other, in a confused jumble, is actually counter-productive. 

Items can spoil, affecting those items around them, and fridges work best when they are about three-quarters full. 

An overstuffed fridge prevents the air circulating properly, which can make it hard for the fridge to maintain its temperature. Equally, an empty fridge is also ineffective. Using your commercial refrigeration unit in the optimum way will increase its usefulness.

Why choose a commerical fridge from Fridgesmart

Here at Fridgesmart, we enjoy working with businesses from all industries. Whether you’re running a busy commercial kitchen or a small artisan food store, we have the ideal storage solution for your business. Often, even having a small refrigeration storage unit can make a huge difference to your business. We’re on hand to discuss your business with you and help to find the best solution for your storage needs. Whether you’re planning for the summer and its expected increases in demand, or need a new storage unit at short notice, our experienced and helpful team are on hand to help. Simply call us today on 01792 677169.