Mafirol has specialised in the manufacture of refrigeration units for supermarkets and other food distribution businesses since 1965. Known widely for its high-quality display fridges, the company also has a reputation for offering exceptional value for money, designing products that stand the test of time. At Fridgesmart, we’ve always been impressed by the quality of goods from this brand, so we’re proud to make a large selection of them available to your business at competitive prices.

The collection you see here also showcases the degree of choice that comes with Mafirol units, which are often produced in a selection of styles and colours to suit the look and feel of your premises. Many of these display fridge ranges offer your business options in terms of size, too, and can be combined to create a bank of units that perfectly fits your space.

Take a look at our selection of Mafirol products below and order today to benefit from our convenient next day delivery service.

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