interlevin Hot Food Display Range

The Interlevin Hot Food Display Range

Stylish and well thought out the interlevin hot food display range comes with some  clever features. The front and glass top are triple glazed and laminated for heat. The rear and side glass are double glazed and filled with argon. This conserves energy and saves money.  Access to the units are through the rear sliding doors.  The shelves are adjustable and allow you to stock the cabinets to your preference.  A water tray has been installed to provided humidity and moisture around the unit. The base tray also lifts out for easy cleaning.  The halogen lighting system ensures food always looks good.  The digital temperature controller is easy to navigate.  This hot food display case works well in Take aways, restaurants, cafes and canteens. 

If you have a question about a hot food display case, then you can chat with us live using our live chat facility at the bottom right of your screen or give us a call at 01792 677169

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interlevin Hot Range

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