Innovative features of our display fridges: what sets them apart?

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Multidecks are an important resource for any business that sells food or drink, so make sure you invest in the best. Multidecks are designed to showcase your products to your customers in the best way, in an easy-access temperature-controlled unit. From the colour of the lighting to the depth of the shelving, all the elements of multidecks have been carefully designed to maximise the customer experience, encourage sales, and optimise your business. Investing in a high-quality multideck is a prudent business decision, combining an environmentally sensible choice, with a customer-friendly resource to improve your bottom line.

Choose the best multideck for your business

Choosing the best multideck for your business takes time and consideration. Factors such as how your customers move around your retail space, need to be taken into account. A popular choice of multideck for many different businesses is the TEFCOLDf Galaxy Plus range. These come in different sizes to suit various locations and spaces. This range is particularly popular for its innovative features and overall design. It’s been cleverly designed with frameless, full-vision glass doors, to maximise visibility. This will allow the customer to focus on the products inside the multideck, without the hindrance of heavy door frames, such as those on older units. The design has been tailored to increase the available space inside the unit, while maintaining the outer size, to allow it to fit through a standard doorway for easy installation. The modern design has not only concentrated on the visual and stock aspects but also the efficiency rating. All the multidecks in this range are either an A or a B energy rating.

Saving you money every day

Choosing a multideck with an A or B energy rating is particularly important in today’s world. The rising cost of energy has impacted many businesses, increasing their running costs to an all-time high. Refrigeration has notoriously high energy consumption. Research shows that in smaller retail businesses, refrigeration costs can be as much as 70% of their overall energy costs. Choosing to upgrade your older multidecks can help to reduce your energy costs and your monthly outgoings. Not only is this saving you money, but it’s also more environmentally friendly. Many consumers are now paying more attention to the environmental stance of the businesses they frequent, and promoting your environmental aims can be important. Obvious investments such as upgrading your multidecks to more environmentally friendly models can be a good PR opportunity for your business. 

Why choose a multideck from Fridgesmart?

If you’re investing in your business, you want to make sure you choose a high-quality and long-lasting product to invest in. When you come to Fridgesmart you can be assured that all our commercial refrigeration units are chosen for their high-quality design and manufacture. We are committed to selecting the best products available for our customers, focusing on units that have been engineered to last, with a strong energy-efficiency focus. We understand the importance of reliable and efficient refrigeration units for our customers and their businesses. While we would always recommend planning ahead for your multideck upgrades, so you can choose the very best units for your space, we’re also on hand in an emergency. We appreciate how disruptive it can be if your old refrigeration unit breaks down, and will always act swiftly to provide you with a new unit for your business. We are always available to discuss the best multideck for your business, whether you run a small corner shop or a chain of local convenience stores.

Optimise your business today

The best time to optimise your business is today. Watch your customers, see how they browse, where they stop, and what they look at. Are your current multidecks encouraging or discouraging your customers? Monitor the customer flow around your shop, and see how they act. Often, upgrading multidecks to models with increased merchandising space can have a massive impact on sales. People are very visual, they will be attracted to a well-lit, and carefully designed display unit with plenty of choices and easy access. An old fridge tucked away in a corner, with poor lighting and a heavy, laborious door, will put customers off. Invest in a new multideck today, and help improve your business. TEFCOLD Galaxy Plus FGD range or ask our friendly and helpful team for advice on the best multideck for your business. Simply call us today on 01792 677169.