Ice Ice Baby (glass frosters)

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Jan 26th 2018

We have just started recovering from Christmas and the winter weather is gripping, so why would we need to think about ice? Well before you know it spring will be here followed by the hottest summer on record (we hope) and nothing says summer like a cool refreshing drink filled with ice. Bearing this in mind  Fridgesmart has just expanded its ranges of ice machines to cover all types of situations and businesses small and large...

On the smaller end it doesn't get much better than the Whirlpool K20.  With a stainless steel exterior, large polypropylene bin and a 17 minute cycle. Literally plug & and plumb it in and forget it.

If you need to provide ice to the masses or own a restaurant or busy bar, then have a look at the Simag SPR120. Constructed of stainless steel this unit produces Flaked ice (and lots of it). what this unit lacks in aesthetics is certainly made up in form and function.  Easy to maintain with easy accessible components.

At Fridgesmart we carry a huge array of Bar Fridges, Glass frosters & ice machines. If you're not sure what would work in your business then remember you can live chat with one of our agents onsite or speak with one of the team by calling 01792 677169