How to pick the right commercial drinks fridge

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If you run a successful and busy business that uses drinks display fridges or takeaway drinks fridges, you will know the importance of choosing the right commercial fridge for the job. The requirements will vary according to how you or your customers use the commercial drinks fridge, so choosing the best fit will help towards the smooth running of your business. Whether you’re looking for a replacement fridge unit or a new drinks unit, we have an extensive range of commercial drinks fridges to suit a range of businesses and budgets.

Different fridges suit different businesses

A priority in any busy business is ensuring a smooth flow of customers and staff, to prevent queuing and reduce waiting times. This can increase the turnover in your business and improve your reputation. A careful choice of the best takeaway drinks fridge, for example, can help your customers easily take their own drinks and help them move through your retail premises quickly. If you regularly have multiple customers at once, having a wider unit like a multideck will enable more customers to make their drinks selections at the same time, preventing a bottleneck in your customer flow. If you’re working at a busy bar, you need to have easily accessible drinks on hand so that you can speedily serve your customers. 

Spend some time thinking about the configuration of shelves within the unit so you combine the maximum amount of space for storing and showcasing your drinks, as well as being easy for customers to help themselves. 

Drinks come in varying size bottles or cans, and if you predominately stock certain ranges of drinks, then it’s wise to match your shelving accordingly.

Other key considerations for a commercial drinks fridge

When choosing the best commercial drinks fridge for your business, it’s not only the size and layout that are important. An energy-efficient fridge, especially in today’s climate, is crucial. Rising energy prices mean that investing in an energy-efficient fridge could save you money in the longer term, and these considerations are important for your profits. 

New fridges are considerably more energy-efficient than their older counterparts. Custom branding can be a crucial way to increase customer loyalty and recognition. It’s worth bearing in mind when purchasing a new commercial drinks fridge. 

If you wish to either promote your own business or the brands of drinks that you are selling, then we can advise on the best fridges to optimise your potential in this area. 

Many commercial drinks fridges have panels available for branding or promotion, and if this is important to your business, choose a fridge that allows you to do this. 

If you are replacing an existing fridge unit, then don’t just automatically replace like for like. Businesses, like many things, evolve over time, and a direct replacement may not be the best fit for your business. Time spent weighing up your business and what you require from your fridge unit will help you to make the best decision for your business.

Come to Fridgesmart for your commercial drinks fridge

With over 40 years of experience, the team at Fridgesmart are well-placed to advise and help you with the best drinks display fridges for your business. We stock an extensive range of different types of takeaway drinks fridges, and drinks display fridges. Our expertise and understanding of operating businesses in the retail, catering, and hospitality industries, mean that we help you to solve your business problems. If you’re struggling with customer flow, we can suggest the best fit for your business based on your usage. 

If you’re refurbishing a bar or pub and want some eye-catching drinks units to appeal to a new customer base, we can recommend the best solution for you. 

And if you’re running a café with limited space but would like a drinks cabinet, we can provide you with a space-saving solution. 

Our knowledge of commercial fridges means that we can not only sell you the right fridge for your business, from a reputable and carefully selected brand, but also ensure that we can offer the best advice. If you’re thinking about replacing an existing unit, adding a new unit to increase the range of drinks that you offer, or starting a brand new business, take a look at our range of commercial display fridges. If you would like advice from our friendly and helpful team, simply call us on 01792 677169.