How to maximise your frozen storage

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Frozen storage is crucial in a busy food business. Having a well-organised frozen storage space gives you the ability to keep certain foods ready for use without needing a constant supply of fresh produce, which can be hard to maintain and manage. But, just like your refrigerator units, it’s vital to optimise your frozen space so that you can use it efficiently. The more efficiently you use your space, the better for your business.

Choose the best freezer unit for your requirements

Firstly, it’s essential to choose the best storage freezer for your business. We have a range of different types of freezers, from catering freezers to chest freezers and from solid door freezers to under-counter freezers. The more suitable the freezer is for your business, the better use you’ll get from it. If you are thinking of replacing an older unit, then think about the best replacement. You may find that a different size or style, or one with better storage accessories, will suit your business needs better. If you’re running out of room, investing in another freezer can be a good idea.

An overstocked freezer, with busy people trying to access it at the same time, is a recipe for disaster. Spend time watching your employees and seeing how they work. This is time well spent, as once you can see the patterns, you’ll be able to choose the best freezer to support them. If one person makes a freezer trip once a day and gets everything out for the next day, then a chest freezer could be the best option, giving you extensive freezer space within a small footprint. If multiple people access the freezer throughout the day, then solid door freezers may be the best way forward, as these are easier to access and organise.

Be organised

There’s nothing more inefficient for a business, than someone standing in front of a storage freezer, with the door open searching through badly organised produce for a certain item. It’s inefficient in both time and cost. The longer a freezer door stays open, the harder the unit must work to keep the temperature down. Everything in your freezer must be clearly labelled, so that everyone knows what’s in there, and the use-by dates. Dating produce is particularly important, as this allows you to run a first-in first-out system, which is the best way to keep produce at its best. If you have shelving or a stacking system, you need to place the newest items at the back, so the items rotate correctly. Different food items should be stored in separate areas, partly for ease, and to prevent cross-contamination between products. Freezers, like fridges, work on the cold air’s ability to circulate, so an overstocked freezer will be hard to use and expensive to run. Freezers are most efficient when they’re 75% full. This allows the air to circulate, while the frozen produce helps to keep the temperature stable. Obviously, as a busy business, your stock levels will fluctuate, but it’s good to aim for this optimum capacity.

Location matters

While choosing the right freezer and using it correctly are essential, so is where you put it. A storage freezer tucked away in a dark corner will be harder to use, which will make it less efficient. You may choose to have multiple freezers, so the most frequently used one has the best light and access, while the tucked away one is visited less frequently. However you choose to use your freezers, make sure that their location is considered and planned. A well-planned kitchen maximises your team’s time and efficiency, bringing better results to the table.

Looking for a new freezer? Come to Fridgesmart

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