How to maintain a commercial cold room

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A commercial cold room is an excellent asset for a busy food business. A cold room gives you a more usable and manageable space. The footprint-to-space ratio is improved by using a cold room over multiple refrigerator units. A cold room makes it easier to manage a busy food establishment and can help improve your processes. However, a cold room is a significant investment in your business and making sure that you maintain it will help to prolong its life and maximise your investment. Here, we take a look at how to maintain your cold room and the benefits it can bring to your business over the years.

Daily maintenance tips

Cold rooms need to be checked daily, as food will quickly perish if the temperature rises. Each day check the temperature settings of your cold room, and record your findings. This is important as it shows a record of your checks. Check for any spills or excess moisture, as these could be a health and safety risk. It’s always better to act quickly and prevent problems. Water will quickly freeze in a cold room, rendering the floor icy and dangerous to your staff. Check that there’s no ice build-up, the refrigerant levels are correct and there are no oil leakages from the compressor. Spotting a problem when it first occurs gives you the opportunity to act quickly and prevent loss of produce. Spoiled produce can be costly and damaging to a business, and can affect both profits and reputation.

Weekly maintenance tips

Door seals are vital to maintain the correct temperature within your cold room. Inspect the seals for damage or cracks. Door seals are easy to replace. Acting quickly can help to prevent food from spoiling. Clean your cold room weekly to maintain good health and safety standards.

Check all the dates on the produce. Good food management techniques, like rotating stock on a ‘first-in, first-out’ basis, will help you keep on top of best-before dates, as it can be easy to overlook items that aren’t as accessible. If food has spoiled it could contaminate other items, so it’s important to check all items.

Monthly and annual maintenance tips

Every month, it’s wise to check that the system is functioning correctly. Check the control values and the defrosting function, as well as calibrating the temperature settings. It’s sensible to schedule a regular professional service for your cold room, as a professional may spot issues that you may not pick up. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on service intervals, or speak to our experienced team, who’ll advise on the best service schedule for your cold room.

Maximising the efficiency of your coldroom

One of the key tips to help maintain your cold room effectively lies in correct food storage. Like a refrigerator, a cold room works by allowing the cold air to circulate around the produce. Food should be stored by type, with space between different food groups. This allows the air to circulate and helps prevent cross-contamination between different food groups. In the event of food spoiling, correct storage can help to reduce excessive food waste. Time spent ensuring your produce is correctly stored will pay dividends in the long run. The easier the cold room is for everyone to use, the more time-efficient it will be for your staff. Busy businesses rely on efficient processes. Having a clear and defined food storage plan will help to facilitate this.

How can Fridgesmart help to choose the best cold room for your business?

Here at Fridgesmart, we have helped many businesses with choosing a new or replacement cold room for their business. We understand food and drink businesses and the challenges they face, and our team is here to help you. Take a look at our range of cold rooms here. We also have a good variety of commercial fridges and freezers, so you can choose the best fit for your business. Often, upgrading your existing cold room to a more modern and efficient model can bring financial benefit to your business. Newer models are far more energy efficient than their older counterparts. If you’re looking for advice on the best cold room for your business, call our helpful team today on 01792 677169.