How to invest in the right commercial fridges

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Investing in the right commercial fridges is crucial for any business that deals with food storage or product display. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best fit for your business needs. 

In this blog, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to invest in the right commercial fridges. From understanding the different types of units to considering the size and capacity, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision. Whether you’re starting a new business or upgrading your existing equipment, this guide will help you invest in the right commercial fridges to keep your products fresh, and your customers satisfied.

Type of unit

A commercial refrigerator is far more than ‘just a fridge’. You’ll find dozens of varieties, all suited to various purposes and places.

These units can generally be divided into display fridges and storage fridges.

Approach what you need with a firm plan in mind. 

What is this fridge for? 

Will it be customer-facing or sit in the kitchen? 

Will it be used to hold stock and keep specific items near a food station, or will customers pick their items directly from it? 

What will you have in it?

Some of the most common display fridge units are the ISA Millennium Range, serveover counters and countertop units. Blast chillers, fish fridges and solid door models are more often used back-of-house.

For a complete list of all our unit types, click on the respective links above.

Energy efficiency rating

We’re living in a time of great uncertainty. We seem to be tip-toeing along a knife edge – will we go into recession, or won’t we? 

How will the recent Budget pan out for small and large businesses? 

Will the so-called cost-of-living crisis ease?

Whatever happens, finding the most energy-efficient appliances is the best way to future-proof your catering business. By using less power, you spend less money on your utility bills. At the same time, your refrigeration units produce the same cooling effects.

Size and dimensions

The size of your commercial fridge is an obvious thing to consider. The right unit depends on whether you have large premises with plenty of available space or a smaller corner shop, café or takeaway.

Perhaps you’re even a mobile business, in which case you need something that can easily be pulled by your vehicle of choice.

Each commercial fridge generally comes in a choice of dimensions. This makes each one scalable to your business and its needs.

You’ll find information on dimensions by selecting individual models. If you need more help, use the Live Chat feature. Our expert will guide you straight to the most appropriate fridges.


As a business, most things come down to cost, whether long- or short-term. There’s the upfront price (and potential financing extras), maintenance fees and utility bills.

There’s no need to break the bank for an excellent commercial fridge. In general, larger models and those with advanced humidity control features are more expensive. There’s always an option for everyone though, no matter your budget.

We advise calculating your budget in advance and asking for help via our Live Chat. We’ll instantly narrow your search to what suits your funds availability.


Aesthetics are more critical for display fridges and those front-of-house. But you might also want to invest in a cleverly-designed refrigerator for your kitchen.

To some extent, a fridge is a fridge. However, many are shaped to enhance the appeal of their contents (think of those curved glass displays on cake fridges). You’ll also find intuitively situated LEDs in some models to brighten the space inside the unit.

Finally, you could invest in personalised branding. With this, you’ll build your business’s reputation and potentially drive further sales.


It’s worth mentioning manoeuvrability. In some cases, you might need to move the units in your kitchen around. This might be months or years from now. It’s also possible that you move location.

In this situation, manoeuvrability might come into play. Most new commercial fridges come with castors, so they’re pretty easy to wheel around. But larger units will naturally be more difficult to shift than smaller ones.

If you suspect you’ll need to move your fridge relatively soon, factor that in. It’s perhaps not an area of primary concern, but it’s worth considering anyway.

Ask Fridgesmart about commercial fridges in the UK

Fridgesmart has decades of experience supplying British businesses with commercial fridges, freezers and catering equipment.

From our dedicated warehouses, we offer next-day delivery on our tried and tested products. They also all come with a warranty, although we’re sure you won’t need to use it.

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