How to choose the right size and capacity for a commercial multideck

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A commercial multideck is a good investment for any business. Consumers tend to be very visual and will be drawn to aesthetically pleasing displays and often into impulse buys. Upgrading your multideck can be a savvy financial move, as modern multidecks are designed to be far more economical to run, which will be beneficial to both your bottom line and your environmental stance. We know that choosing the best commercial multideck for your business is a big decision, so it’s worth spending time thinking about how you’re going to use your commercial multideck, the space available, your anticipated footfall and what products you’re planning to display. Time spent evaluating your business will help you to make the best decision.

Here, we rundown some of the key considerations for your business when trying to decide on the right size and capacity of a commercial multideck.

How big is your business?

A modern multideck gives you a far more usable display area for your footprint than an older unit. Modern designs are sleek and slimline, so you should find that investing in a newer unit gives you more space for your product. However, don’t just consider how your business is today, but how it will be in the future. A good quality commercial multideck will last for many years, so consider whether your business is going to grow over the next five to ten years and plan accordingly. Customer flow is equally important, so watch your customers move around your store and think about the best location for your multideck. You may find that a smaller multideck in a better location achieves more sales than a bigger multideck in a faraway corner of your store. If your customers tend to queue at the till, then a handily placed multideck, with grab-and-go style drinks and snacks, can be very tempting to consumers. Knowing your customers is always essential, and will help you make considered and sensible business decisions.

What are you planning to display?

Our commercial multidecks are very adaptable. You can use them to display all manner of products, from drinks to sandwiches, high-end ready meals to handmade pork pies. If you’re planning to stock a new range or branch out in a new direction for your business, then it’s wise to review your product offering, so you can see how best to display your goods. This may affect your decision when it comes to the best multideck for you. Our multidecks are designed with moveable shelves, which can also tilt to provide the best angle for display. They have extensive LED lighting which helps to draw customers to the unit. The glass doors are styled with slimline frames, so the visible area is greater, preventing customers from having to stand with the door open while they are making their decision.

Consider the environmental aspect of your commercial multideck

The environmental and economic aspects of your business are important considerations when choosing a commercial multideck. While a large multideck might be your preference, you may decide that it’s more cost-effective to have a smaller multideck in your customer-facing area, and a larger storage unit elsewhere. Or, if you know how quickly your shelves clear in the lunchtime rush, you may feel that opting for the bigger unit is a better decision. Each business is different. However, modern multidecks are considerably more efficient than their older counterparts. A modern B or C rating is equivalent to the older A+++ rating. Units will become more inefficient over time. Investing in a newer model could save you money in the long run. The main choice you’ll need to consider in terms of efficiency is between an open-fronted unit and one with glass doors. An open-fronted unit will be less efficient, though the modern versions will be far superior to older models. Bear in mind that the glass door versions are designed for maximum visibility, to increase customer engagement. Maybe choosing a combination of both could be the best for your business?

Why choose Fridgesmart for your commercial multideck

Here at Fridgesmart, we don’t just sell commercial fridges and freezers. We’re here to provide support and advice for your business. With our knowledge and experience, we can discuss the pros and cons of each model with you, so you can be confident you’re making the best decision for your business. You can take a look at the range of commercial multidecks available, or for more advice, call our friendly team today on 01792 677169.